July 15, 2009

Photo Upchuck.

my sweet boys playing in the morning light.

my new shirt I got for my birthday.

myer is now SIX MONTHS OLD.
And he loves green beans and sweet potatoes.

We went to a cool vintage motorcycle/vespa event the other night.
They were raffling off a new vespa, and Chris and I just KNEW
that we were going to win it... but we didn't.

Morgan & I.

Chris standing by his favorite bike at the show-- Jerrod's BMW.

The show with Flo last Wednesday was so much fun!!!
Thanks to you all who came out.

Nikki & Crystal- two of my favorite human beings on God's green earth.

Me, Myer, & Nikki after my set.
I had such a great time, it made me want to play more often!
Flo inspired me in so many ways...
I wish we lived in the same town so we could be BFFs.
See her OKC post & some video of one of my songs here.



MEGAN said...

umm, Myer is so cute! Love the pic of him in the high chair!

Misguided Mommy said...

k first, you are too cute. Your shirt is even cuter. Myer's stomach wrinkles in that picture make my ovaries kick into high gear. Your husband is also way to cute!

Seriously Em, I'm not sure I've ever seen a more beautiful family

Karen, Scott, and Jared said...

i love ezra's room!

Talia said...

you're cuuuuute