June 23, 2009

Thrifty Thrifterton.

I got this outfit (the dress & hat) at the thrift store by my house today for two dollars.

Then I went to Target to try and find some basics for Myer's summer wardrobe because the lady whose clothes we'd been given found out she was pregnant again and needed them all back!

I found 5 onesies, 3 shortalls, 2 PJs, and some sandals for ezra for $50.

You all should go check out target's kids section asap. Some of these onesies were only 98 cents!



MEGAN said...

I ADORE target.

skylana said...

nolas summer wardrobe consists of... diapers.

thats why you DO NOT give away your baby stuff. (unless you want to have another kid) i gave mine away then got knocked up with nola.

Bluebelle said...


Gaby said...

Not to be nasty, but if that lady just found out she was pregnant, why would she not be able to let you borrow those clothes for the summer?! Her baby won't be making an appearance for a few months, and may not even fit in those summer clothes by the time summer next rolls around...hm. Maybe I'm missing something here!

Jiff said...

I loooove Target. But you know who else I love for bargains? OLD NAVY!! Bayley's got a closet FULL of Old Navy clothes. I get them on clearance for the next year. :)