June 26, 2009

Consider Yourselves Bullet-Pointed to Death.

So, the rice cereal was a ginormous hit. His little bitty bird mouth would open up wide while the spoon was still a mile away and then I would swoop the food right in there and he'd demand to hold the spoon and nom on it a bit and the whole thing was heartbreakingly cute.

I love the part where he drops the spoon and then is all, "OH NO YOU DI'INT, woman."


Our neighbor came over to play this morning and we dressed up like spiderman and batman and... wait...

Is that my son...


Posing like a fashion model?!?!

hahahahaha haha haa haa haha

i have NO idea where he gets it from.


Ezra and I have been watching old Wil E Coyote & Road Runner cartoons on YouTube lately (because it is by far the most HILARIOUS cartoon ever made in the history of animation), and ever since I introduced him to the wonderment that is Looney Tunes, I have been finding random "booby traps" around the house that he sets up in secret so that he can jump out and scream "KABLOOEY!!" whenever I walk by things.

Apparently, I am the road runner.

Needless to say, mama's nerves are SHOT.


It's almost my birthday and I am going to be TWENTY SEVEN. That sounds really old to me and it makes me feel dizzy and unfamiliar with myself when I think about it too long.


Get this: we went on a DATE! Our sweet friends offered to come watch the kids at our house so we could go on a date and it was INCREDIBLE. We ate yummy food and then went to an art show and I think it was our first time out together without the baby. The kids slept peacefully the whole time we were out, and I felt more relaxed than I have in... oh... six months or so.

It was, like, the best night ever. I had so much fun.


Aaaaaand, batten down the hatches!

The little gobstopper is starting to CRAWL!!

It takes everything in me not to smoosh him back down onto the blanket when he starts to shimmy & scoot around like this. Are we really leaving the days of immobility behind us already?? Didn't I just give birth to this child, like, yesterday?



Let's see... what else can I bullet point you to death with while I'm at it?

I wore mustard yellow and kelly green together the other day.* (Pretty sure that's illegal in the continental United States and Canada.)

I'll end with this:

This picture makes me happy. And it makes me feel like being almost 27 isn't all that bad.

I guess I do have a lot to show for my handful (or two or three or four handfuls) of years.

* Ohhhhh... THAT'S where he gets it from.


Multi-tasking Mama said...

27 was really hard for me too. The good news is that 28 was easy.

Karen, Scott, and Jared said...

yeah, there's something about 27. probably because it has the most syllables out of the twenties so it just sounds older... i dont' know. but 28 and 29 are great. and i can even admit that 30 is my new favorite! :-) loved this post by the way. keep those bullet points coming!

Karen, Scott, and Jared said...

oh, and i didn't mean to sound like 27 isn't great! sorry about that. ;-)

Amanda said...

Ummm, I don't know about the continental United States or Canada, but I think those two colors are absolutely smashing together! Kudos! And seriously, the posing...I'm going to have church giggles for the rest of the evening over that.

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

mine is crawling to....were did they go, didnt we just have them!

Danae said...

So sweet Emery, you have such a beautiful life and I am so glad I get to read about it. Love!!

MoMar said...

ALL of you are growing up too fast ... but blessings abound at every age and stage ! Some stages you just have to look a little harder.

MsN said...

LOVED watching Myer eat. Hilarius. He gives his big brother a run for his money. Ezra better hold tight to his PB&J's!

Piper of Love said...

After reading this post, Mark asked me why we don't hang out with you and Chris.

So, that's cool :)

Daniele said...

Loved the video, his reaction was priceless! And twenty-seven isn't bad at all. I will be thirty in four months and so not looking forward to that. And date night sounded like fun and relaxing.