May 23, 2009

Road Trip, Part One.

Words from the road:

We're in the car on the way to Colorado to visit friends. I'm so excited to see the city... this place that seems to have a magnetic pull on the hearts of so many of the people I love.

Myer is cat napping his way across the country, hardly making a sound for hours on end. Ezra is currently so absorbed in his little DVD player, you'd think it were revealing the mysteries of life to him. (Although, he IS watching Charlie Brown, so, perhaps it really is....)

The scenery here is actually quite breathtaking.

You know... for Kansas.

Every quaint farm we drive by- sitting out there on its green manicured patch of earth, next to its private pond of unicorn tears- makes me want to unbuckle my seat belt and leap from this moving car (pen in hand) so that I can do a quick ninja roll or two, regain my footing, and then sign the deed to the place and move right in. These places just seem to ooze contentment to me.

But then, I think about how the nearest grocery store is a three day mule's ride away, and I immediately come to my senses again. Can you imagine ME living that far away from a frozen pizza isle? HAHAHAHA. That's just silly.

(Note to self: You should really stop planning your westward road trips across the country around the hours of 5-9 pm. The sun shines so brightly-- DIRECTLY into your waiting pupils-- so that you spend the rest of your vacation seeing tracers and floaters out of the corners of your eyes. and then you start doing the "phantom-swatting" thing again, and that's just not good for ANY of your relationships. It makes you look certifiable.)

Photos from Denver:

Photos from the Road to Utah:

I have so much more I want to say and show you. Thoughts about Denver, and pictures of my parents' ridiculously amazing home. I couldn't stop crying as I walked through it and drank in the view for the first time. They have worked SO hard to get to this place in their lives- they have sacrificed much and they have been incredibly frugal and wise. What an example! I am so very happy for them.

More to come soon!


mrs boo radley said...

Fabulous pictures and narrative! I love this post. Happy trails, my dear.

anna joy said...

awwww such pretty and fun pictures!!!

Chelsea Robbins said...

Where do you find the boy's hats, especially Myers cute hats. I have a new born and would love to put him in one of those adorable hats.

ps, I love Ezra in that black and white scarf. Your boys are becoming as stylish as their mama.