April 22, 2009

One of the Best Days of my Life.

It was going to be such a beautiful day today that I knew I just had to get out of the house with the kiddos. We headed down to Bricktown to walk around and enjoy the weather.

Every time I wear Myer in the sling, people here FREAK OUT. They stop me and ask me allllll about the sling and is he comfortable in there? and oh look how cute he is! It's like they've never seen anything like it out here! I've learned that if I need to get anything done, I just can't make eye contact with people while we're out and about and he's in here, otherwise I'd have to stop and talk to every person that walks by us. Today, though, we had absolutely NO agenda, and I got to really enjoy random conversations with people about Myer and his mode of transportation.

Ezra doing "big arms!" in front of the fountain.

We ate at Sonic, which normally I DO NOT like, but today it was tasty and the employees were so sweet and fun. Also, there was some random Disney Dog movie on one of the TVs and Ezra was mesmerized. So cute.

My attempt at a shot of the three of us. Ezra and I split a Marble Slab ice cream cone. Oh, and I dipped Myer's pacifier in the melty goodness a couple of times, but he didn't even seem to care. Whaaaa? Who's child is this??

View of downtown.

Happiest boy on planet earth. This kid is such a joy to be around. I was laughing so hard all day long just because of the funny things he says and does. Like, on our way home, this pedestrian wearing a headband Hulk-Hogan-style darted out in front of us and other cars and then realized his mistake and ran back to the corner to wait his turn, and Ezra yells out "Mom! You totally almost got that Pirate!!"

I. was. dying.


Myer slept most of the time. He LOVES being outside, and never even makes a sound when we're out and about. If he's ever fussy at home, I usually just have to walk him out on the back deck and he's instantly fine again. I think he likes the way the breeze feels on his face.

After Bricktown we stopped in at my favorite book store so that Ezra could play trains. I nursed Myer and caught up on all the new children's books that are out (I absolutely love children's books and I follow the happenings of the industry pretty closely. In my opinion, there's nothing better than a really good children's picture book. There have been quite a few great ones released lately, btw.)

I lost myer's paci somewhere in the bookstore, so we made a quick stop into Target where I found the AWESOMEST binkies ever. This one says 'Hi', and the other says 'No Comment'. Very clever... I like that in a paci.

By the time we got home, both kids were fast asleep and I got some quiet time by myself at the house. Chris came home not long after that, so we all went and ate pizza at the place down the street- and then I got to go out by myself after the kids were in bed. I went and spent my forever21 gift card and wandered around feeling like I'd never been happier in my life.

Maybe it's all the fresh air and sun and exercise I've been getting lately. I just feel so content and satisfied these days, it's all I can do to not start singing at the top of my lungs everywhere I go.

la la la la laaaa la la !


misguided mommy said...

oh to be young and have ice cream on my face! that is an adorable picture. also that book place. can they build that in my living room please!

wendie said...

I get the same thing when I wear my daughter in her sling. I was grocery shopping once and a lady followed me around the store - when I finally asked her if I could help her she went on and on about how my baby couldn't possibly be comfortable and how I was a terrible mother for putting her in the "that thing".

Did you go to the arts festival while you were downtown? They have a children's area and it has some hands-on activities for the kids.

What is the name of that book store? It didn't look familiar to me.

Chantelle said...

Your beautiful story just made me feel happy all over. What joy you have in your life.

Thanks for sharing the joy, and giving me a slice. :)

I am in love with your boys... especially the comment Ezra made. Hilarious!

Gold. :)

Mama Kayla said...

Your blogs are wonderful and an inspiration to me. And it helps that your children are beautiful. :-)

Zimms Zoo said...

I love bricktown. The kids love the fountains in the summer. Nothing like an unplanned trip down there just to let them play in it and then run around all dripping and happy.

Love the post. Glad you got to spend your gift card.

MEGAN said...

What a lovely day.

I could die everytime I look at pictures of your boys. They could NOT be ANY cuter. I would stop you too, and marvel at them.

I love cildren's books too. I buy them on clearance, cuz I figure, never too soon to start that library up!

hunnybeemay said...

Okay, you're totally inspiring me to go running again. Seems like it's changing your life all over the place! I love perfect days. Getting one every now and then just can tide you over for a long time! Congrats on your wonderful day. :)

Daniele said...

The weather is so perfect, isn't it? I love bricktown and it has been a few years since we have been to Oklahoma City, a two hour drive down the turnpike with kids, I have yet to try it. Maybe one of these days. Your boys are too adorable, and I love the ice cream picture!

Amanda said...

YAY! I'm glad you had one of those days. Every so often you get one that is just magic.

This post really made me appreciate the little things.

Momar said...

I believe what you are experiencing is the magic of "endorphins" ... exercise and sunshine, good combo. Keep it up and I should take my own advice.

Kristin...though some still call me Dott... said...

before i even read a word i saw the sling and thought "A BABYWEARER!!" i am HUGE into babywearing and am constantly having to remind myself that i do not need another carrier. they just make things so much easier though! lots of people wore the babies when i lived in north carolina but i almost never see slings or wraps or such here.

we went to the arts festival today. i completely forgot about the fountains in bricktown though! what a great idea!! my kids are always asking to go down by the water but whenever we're over there we never have the time. we'll have to make a journey sometime before it gets too hot.

Kate said...

I love that you love children's books! I am well on the road to becoming a Children's Librarian. I'd love to hear which picture books you are currently infatuated with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emery!
I just want to tell you that you truly have a gift in writing. You could take an idea that would normally be super boring (written by anyone else) and create something that is genuinely a pleasure to read. You just have a way with words...if you haven't already considered it, I think you should write a book! Maybe an autobiography? Or even a fictional book. It would be interesting either way. :)

daylightrising said...

I think there is definitely something to your point about the sunshine. It really does make such a difference in you, in the kids, etc. I think we all need to get outside and get some. During the winter my sister-in-law always gets "sick" and she really thinks it is because of the cold overcast weather and lack of Vitamin D rather than actual colds. And my sister is a SADD sufferer so I've seen what no sun does for her mood swings too. So I'm a big advocate of getting even a little sun each day!

Emery Jo said...

wendie: the store is Full Circle at the bottom of 50 penn plaza by penn square mall. The best bookstore in town!

I havent been to the arts festival yet- i keep meaning to go but then getting distracted. haha. how long does it run? anyone know? might be over by now... :(

R-becca said...

I am so happy and love that you had such an amazing simple day. Those are by far my favorite too. I am DYING to spend time with you.

wendie said...

Oh yes, Full Circle, I know exactly where that is and have actually been there, though it has been years.

The arts festival is over today(Sunday), I think. You should go -even if you don't care for the art, the food is great!

wendie said...

Also, I love walking around downtown OKC with my daughter. It's scenic and there are a few cute places to stop.

You should check it out!

faith said...

Your boys are adorable and I'm in love with that paci.

Annie Peterson said...

I love the JOY in this post!

and I love that binky that says "hi". :)