March 21, 2009

Gifts of the Hands, Gifts of the Heart.

Chris' sister and her husband were in town last weekend, and we all had such a great time with them! They truly know how to give of themselves and make you feel loved.

They brought Myer & Ezra some of the most amazing gifts EVER.

Candace made this crochet blanket...

... and these incredible crocheted space toys.

And a friend of theirs made this bird/branch mobile that we hung over Myer's crib. SO COOL!!!!

And, while I'm on the topic, I've been meaning to showcase some of the unbelievable things that people have made for my son... things that have so much love and thought wrapped up in them that I can hardly think of it without tears stinging my eyes. That's one amazing facet of becoming a mother- when people show kindness to your children, it feels like kindness towards yourself. Only amplified. By a whole lot. And it's almost like you suddenly have more of a capacity to feel love - because you've multiplied yourself and now every kindness shown to your kids is also a kindness showered upon YOU.

Jess made this amazing pillow, onesie, and wall hanging (while she herself was extremely preggers):

Question: how do people get so stinkin' talented? She should sell these on etsy and become a millionaire.

My friend Erin made these blocks (that have chimes in them!) and this owl blanket:

I know! I know! Another etsy millionaire, right? (The cute Owl softie is from Stellabird. LOVE IT.)

Next, the sweet Lorie, whom I've never even had the joy of meeting face-to-face, mailed us this personalized owl tree mobile, which will dangle over myer's changing table to keep him occupied while I wipe his bum.

Adorable, no???!?!? The tree trunk has a heart with Chris & I's initials in the middle, and our kid's initials on the outside. SO special and precious to me. And guess what? She's got some like it in her etsy store! (Is anyone else sensing an etsy theme here today?)

Also, a wonderfully thoughtful gift from my friend Nikki and her mother:

The SOFTEST blanket and burp cloths EVER!! Whenever I throw one of these burpies over my shoulder and smoosh my son's face onto it, I get jealous, people. It's like having a luxury day spa on my shoulder. These have been a lifesaver!

And, lastly, here are some gifts that my mommy & daddy ordered for myer. Gifts that I adore:

This customized owl blanket from a company called Admiral Road.

And this gorgeous paper owl mobile that they got from Amazon. (It's been great having more than one mobile for over the crib because we can switch them every once in awhile and it keeps things interesting for my little chunk-a-monk.)


Such great stuff... such great friends and family. It makes me want to be a better friend myself... showing others I care in tangible, heartfelt ways.

And it also makes me want to buy a sewing machine. Except... I wouldn't have any clue how to use it all fancy like that.

But I can sew a mean semi-straight line if you ever need one. (Yeah. YOU'RE WELCOME.)


Piper said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the crocheted space toys and the bird mobile.

makes me miss having time to be crafty.

Katy said...

ummm I love all those things!I adore the owl theme though! I'm totally keeping it in mind for a million years until I have kids! HEHE!!! ;-)

becca said...

wow those are all super cute! You are a lucky lady:)

mrs boo radley said...




Natasha said...

WOW. Look at all the glorious handmade goodness! As Napoleon Dynamite would say...Lucky! Tell these ladies to get on Etsy, and do it quick, if for no other reason so my mommy friends and I can clean out their stores.

? said...

what Lori made is AMAZING! GAHHHHH, i love the initials in the tree........also I need to make a blanket for someone with that dark brown blue and green in it, so pretty! i think you are loved Em, I know we love yoU!!