January 24, 2009

It Takes a Village.

First of all, I'm ridiculously in love. Like... head in the clouds, butterflies in the tummy, 'I'm gonna write you love poems all day' IN LOVE.

Today is Myer's official due date. I CANNOT even fathom still being pregnant today... I am so SO glad that this goober decided to show up 12 days early. Happy Due Date, Myer Bean!

He's such a good baby. It takes a lot to get this guy to cry. He mostly grunts. And when he locks eyes with you, you feel like you're looking wisdom in the face. He likes to just look around and chill when he's awake. Like he's taking in the scene and wondering who these wacky people are that hover over him all day- cooing like smitten doves.

My mom has been here since the 16th. I can't even begin to relate how wonderful this has been. She is taking very good care of us... cleaning the house and doing all the laundry and dishes... entertaining Ezra for hours on end and handling most of the bedtimes. She's put her life completely on hold to come care for us, and there is NO WAY the transition back home with two children would be going so smoothly if it weren't for her. She's Wonder Woman. She's a power house. She's full of life and enegry. She's... MoMar!

Having a child really forces you to look at the community and support system that you have created for yourself- that you have spent years or months or decades building up around you. And, having another child, for Chris and I, has opened our eyes to see exactly how loved and cared for we really are. It has felt like a big, smooshy hug. Like a safety net of sorts. Like the best feeling in the world.

For the past twelve nights, we have had a home cooked, AMAZING meal delivered to our door by people who love us. And the food is still coming! Chris has been able to come home from work and just sit and hold his son, because we have not had to worry about making meals. Also? The leftovers are to DIE for.

I believe in the old truism that says "it takes a village to raise a child". I really do. I am aware that I need help and support to make it through the tough times. I am aware that life is much richer when you can celebrate personal joys with a multitude. I am fully conscious of the fact that we need each other in this life.

And I am so grateful to my friends and family for gathering around us during this precious time with our new son... I couldn't ask for anything more. We are so very blessed.


Annie Peterson said...

Wonderful! If I was near you, I would make you dinner. :)

Zimms Zoo said...

Not fair!!! I am still pregnant with no end in sight!!

I think that you are so right about the village thing. My parents help with the kids (although they both still work so it is in their spare time) and with the last baby we had meals for 2 months. It was so awesome!

Your son is gorgeous! Both of them I mean!!

Piper said...

I haven't been able to stop thinking about Myer since I held him. He is so precious.

Oh, and the next meal I fix for you is going to taste different. For better or worse, my stove is repaired.


Piper said...

(oops, I forgot to say what I really wanted to say)

I have a little bit of a different take on the idea that it takes a village to raise a child.
I think it takes a village to support the parents who are raising a child. I know it takes a village to support this mom, and that's for sure.

Either way, God put other people in our lives on purpose!

ps. I <3 MoMar

stina said...

i'm the oldest of 4 and some of my favorite memories from childhood are when people would bring us meals after mom had a new baby! and, in turn, we would bring meals to people as well. even though i was SOSOSO young, i felt warm fuzzies in my chest from getting to deliver a meal to people.

very, very fun times. it's encouraging to see how blessed you are!

t h a i t r a i t said...

You are so very blessed. What a supermom you have!

That's one thing that I ponder a lot...since we don't have kids yet...and it takes a village, and our relatives are hundreds and thousands of miles away...I think we need to make more friends!! Or get my Mom a credit card with a frequent flyer program or something. :)

Myer Bean is so entirely HANDSOME, by the way.


Congratulations Emery and family!

Myer is GORGEOUS. God bless him always!

Tanya said...

WOW that sounds like a bunch of fantastic people helping out! i have planned to make a heap of meals to freeze before my bub comes so we can just heat them up!

Myer is such a beautiful bubby...you guys are so lucky! I hope my bubby is nearly as beautiful as he is!

How does Ezra act around him? I bet he loves his baby brother...they will be best friends for life!

Natasha said...

Ah, baby love. As my son is about to turn a year old, it's nice to see photos of a brand-new baby again.

Here I go, plunging into my Picasa archives...

Great blog! I love when the Okie Blog Awards happen because I get the chance to find great blogs like this one.

Amanda said...

He's so flippin cute! Just as adorable as Ezra, and that's hard to do!

Deb said...

He's darling!!

I never knew how much I needed my friends until my second baby arrived six weeks ago. Really... they're priceless.

Married for Keeps said...

Your baby is stunning. I can't tell from the pics of Myer - but I do remember seeing the lashes on newborn Ezra. Wowee kazowee! Are Myer's just as long? And yes, yes, yes to everything you've said. I am VERY thankful for the village we've had. Has made me all the more determined to be a part of the "village" of others.