November 5, 2008

A Tale of Two Emerys.

I had a prenatal appointment this morning, but this one was EXTRA! SPECIAL! because I got to drink that sugar-syrup cocktail that tastes like a cup full of liquefied stay-puft marshmallow man (With extra sugar on top!) to make sure I have no signs of gestational diabetes.

BLECH that stuff is gross.

From now on, I will be seeing my midwife every two weeks. Heck-a-moly this baby is really on his way soon, isn't he?

While I was waiting in the waiting room for them to call me back, I read a book and wrote a poem. It was actually quite relaxing and wonderful. After about an hour, a nurse stuck her head out from behind the door and said, "Emery?"

I started to gather up all my stuff and walk over to her, but by the time I got over there she was already talking to another woman from the waiting room. I stood nearby and waited for them to finish talking, but after a moment, I realized that they both were sounding very confused.

That's when I realized that she was asking the other woman questions about her glucose screening test- "had she taken the drink yet?"- to which the woman replied with, "Um... what?"

I stepped in and asked if the nurse thought she was speaking to Emery, because actually, I was Emery. The other woman that the nurse had been talking to turned and looked at me and exclaimed, "I'm Emery too!"


{Then the universe exploded.}

Isn't that craaaaaazy? We were all "woah!"

And the nurse was all, "Woah!"

And the people in the waiting room were all, "WOAH!!"

Then I had to go get blood sucked out of my arm.

The end.


Cheatwoods said...


ElizabethSheryl said...

haha cheatwoods stole my witty comment.

That is pretty funny! So, I may have missed it..but have you decided on a name? Are you sharing it?

Marianne Elixir said...

In case you are not done having kiddos, there are other glucose screening tests that don't require that bletchy stuff.

You can fast overnight, have blood sucked in the morning, go back, eat breakfast, and come back for more blood sucking. Fun fun fun!

R-becca said...

Holy Cow! Another woman Emery?!?! What a day.

I watched Ghostbusters on Halloween. So good.

skylana said...

oh my gosh. a part of me will die when i meet another skylana, if i do which hopefully will never happen. i mean i will be so devastated... and pissed. i'm sorry you had to meet another emery. maybe you liked it... i dont know. scary.... also i forgot about that test... i didn't have to take it this time... i dont think mary does that. interesante.

Emery Jo said...

elizabethsheryl- we're about 98% sure we've found a name. We probably won't share until he's born, because... WEE! but I might share our 'short list' of names we almost chose but didn't. Not quite sure yet...

Cheatwoods said...

you need to e-mail his 3 initals at least to me so I can put it on the blankey blank!

Laura said...

No complaining about the drink until you have to drink the 3-hour one.
It's MORE than 3 times worse. And you don't get any water for the next 3 hours of your life. Blaaahhhhhhhh

l e a h said...

You're quite the raconteur.

Cobbled said...

I have never met another person with my name out there, but I've met people with other spellings, when I do, I'm sure it'll be a WOAH moment too...
Haha - did you guys have a good chat?
Oh no - what if the person who has the same me is really anti-social and we can't have a WOAH moment? :'(

skylana said...

i'd just like to tell you that 'it' grew on me like overnight... literally. i have so much to say about what i like. but... alas... i cannot.

anna joy said...

whaaaaat! p.s. i like how every single thing that happens in your life is the best story i've ever heard

you should have a reality tv show or something

Anonymous said...

what happened to emeryvintage, and your vintage blog?

come back, please!