October 30, 2008

Things That Have Made Me Cry (or Have ALMOST Made Me Cry) This Week.

Baby's new Owl Softie. Bought from etsy, made by this lovely lady who I just realized lives nearby!

Washing and folding all of Ezra's 0-3 month clothes and putting them in the baby's room... and stumbling across the premie onesies we had to go buy for him because he only weighed 6 lbs.

The gift of a tiny baby hat from great grandma Joyce & Tom.

Ezra's love (so much like mama!) of inching through chapter books night after night.

A note left behind for Ezra on his chalk board from my mommy & daddy.

My sweet boy who is always making me laugh till it hurts... telling me things like, "Mama? You look like a hungry dog!" and "Mama, you as big as a whale!" (Please see photo below.)

And, last but not least... Oy! This aching back!


Cheatwoods said...

oh teh aching back! so true so true! The fabric is back so dont worry abouut it any more!

Estela said...

Yay! thanks for showing the lil' guy!
your pictures are cute!!

Jiff said...

very cute pics!

Talia said...

eeek, you are so cute!!! I LOVE your hat. And your belly. OH that belly.

I cannot wait to see your finished nursery, I can't believe how adorable it's going to be.

lorieloo said...

oh you are too cute!

MsN said...

Emery, You look beautiful!!!! :) Keep up the good work girl.

Maggie Conran said...

a hungry dog? as big as a whale? that ezra is soooo cute and funny! ah! he makes me laugh out loud. ;)

Mrs. Priss said...

You are an adorable pregnant lady! All belly and no thighs, unlike moi. I will die if these thighs don't go back to how they were 9 months ago.