October 28, 2008

News Worthy.

My parents have been in town for the last couple of days, and sadly, they must leave tomorrow afternoon (LALALALA I'M IGNORING THIS FACT) which is depressing and I want them to never go and... and... moving on.

The time with them has been lovely and relaxing. This time has been especially sweet due to the fact that I will not be doing any traveling this holiday season. I will be 8 and a half months pregnant by then, and I don't know about you, but that just doesn't seem like the best time to be jumping in a car and driving for twenty four hours. Call me crazy. We may try to get out that way for Thanksgiving, but we just aren't sure yet. So... the holidays are going to be very different this year. And that makes me a wee bit sad. {BLUBBER CRY.}

In other news (ha!), Ezra was in the news!

We went to a Fall family night a couple evenings ago, and Ezra dressed as Batman. I forgot my camera, because I am a great mom like that. Luckily for me, the local newspaper had my back, and they documented some of the fun for me.

When we excitedly showed Ezra that he was in the paper, his overwhelming response was equal to a big fat "Meh." He's a masked celebrity and he doesn't even seem to care. What a pooper.

I saved the paper for his scrapbook. The last entry of which is from... oh... before he was born-ish.

(Like I said, great mom over here!)

The next night, we went to this thing called 'Haunt the Zoo'. You walk around the zoo and collect candy and it sounded like it would be a quaint and relaxing event. When we showed up, we were one of probably 10,000 people being herded through the loop around the zoo. We were packed into a huge crowd as we slowly made our way around the trick-or-treat trail, fighting to get to the left or the right where the candy was being handed out. It was... tiring. And... overwhelming. But Ezra had fun, so... okee dokee! But, probably never again!

Lastly... I have a super fun bathroom makeover to show you guys-- one that was started at approximately 9:00PM the evening before my parents arrived (GAK!), but it turned out great and I LOVE IT! I will upload the before & after shots later, so stay tuned....


Annie Peterson said...

Ezra's famous! :) And you're actually a GREAT mom, I'm sure of it. :)

Blithe Revival said...

Classic pic for Ezra in the good ol Oklahoman. It's a right of passage for every cool kid who grows up here.

Mine was age 6, riding a bull in a Del City parade... woohooo.

You don't have to be lonely on the holiday's either, you know. xo

l e a h said...

What a sweet batboy. Can't wait to see your BR makeover pics!

No traveling for us over holidays, either. It's just me and husband and peace.

Jiff said...

sooo cute!!!

You're not far from me, really. I'm in Arkansas and we'll happily come up and cook a southern Thanksgiving dinner for you and your family. Ezra can play with my 6 year old stepson Z and we can pass Bayley around (who will be 8 months old by then... which matches your 8 months prego. lol). She loves to be held and is a giggly, smiley bundle of joy. And I looove to cook and you'll get to stuff yourself silly with holiday food!

becca! said...

Ezra is so cute! And you are a fabulous mom:)

I used to work Haunt the Zoo and it was always insane. Always, even when it was 42 degrees or raining. Bleh. Its madness. But fun.

Amy said...

We tried the Haunt the Zoo event as well... We went the first night and left after about 15 minutes of waiting in line to get INTO the zoo. Silas had no idea what was going on, so no biggie that we left.

But probably never again for us either. :)