August 21, 2008

Toddlers and Cruises... Do They Mix?

Ezra is sick. After we came home from the warehouse filled with bounce houses this morning, he sprawled out flat on the couch, refused to eat food, and felt a million-degrees hot. I gave him a cool bath and read him some stories. He fell asleep before I could finish singing him a song. Right now he has a 101.1 fever. Poor monkey poo pooooooo.

I applied for a job at the library across the street from me. If I could, I would LIVE at the library. I could just set up a cozy nook in some remote corner of the place and be happy as a clam. Working there would be joy for me.

I've started my reading for becoming a Bradley Instructor. I need to read and outline a couple of books and then I am going to send in my application after that. The thrill of studying and working towards something already has me giddy with excitement. There's nothing better than a binder full of crisp, blank paper and a fresh set of pens. {{{Nerd alert}}}

My family is going on a 4 day Baja cruise in November, and Chris and I are trying to decide whether we should bring Ezra with us or not. I imagine the trip would be much more fun/relaxing without him, and I'm just not sure how well a 3 year old would do on a cruise ship. Anyone have experience with that? Flip side- this trip may be the only time we get to see my family during the Holidays, so I would hate for them to not see him at all. SAD FACE. I won't want to be traveling for Christmas because I'll be a bajillion months pregnant, and two or three days in a car just isn't practical at that point. So we're trying to figure out what that's going to look like this year. Either way: CRUISE! Yeah yeah!

Ezra starts school next week. (Well, technically it's a mother's day out program.) That means I'll have some time to myself again before the baby comes. I think this is a very good thing, because Ezra and I have become practically attached at the hip this Summer. It's been great, and I have loved this extra time with my boy, but I'm ready to have a little breathing room. He'll be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2. BLISS.

Lastly, I've been craving avocados and cucumbers like a mad woman lately. I like to put them on bread with some mayo and salt and cheese and eat their guts out.



skylana said...

i love you with all my heart. but i cannot believe you would ruin an avocado with mayonnaise!!!!!! i'm so ashamed. just kidding. kind of. i vote for you guys being selfish... leave ezra behind... just cause your family will see him later and maybe not at christmas but many millions of more times.... but the alone time for you and chris is about to end, fast... and for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't want to burst your bubble, but double check and make sure you can go. I think the limit for cruises is 23 wks....but I'm not positive. SORRY. I've been on a few cruises and I think you would have fun with or without Ezra, but probably more fun without :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, what's better than avocados and mayo? Guacamole. Just mix together 4-6 avocado halves; a few heaping spoonfuls of chunky, mild salsa; dash of salt, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin; and juice a quarter slice of lemon. Mash it all together (a pastry blender works surprisingly well) and you've got awesome guacamole.

Country Girl said...


skylana said...

i love that that person really left a recipe for guacamole.... cause its not like that would replace the avocado and mayo on a sandwich with cucumbers and cheese. ... i dont think.

Zimms Zoo said...

We have tons of fresh cucumbers from the garden and the kids and I have been having them on a bagel or whole wheat toast. YUM!

Boy I am not sure about the cruise thing, but I would definitely check too. Lots of airlines have restrictions too.

I think some cruises might have childcare too, so you could still take him and still have some alone time. Plus with lots of family there they would probably want to take Ezra by himself sometimes too!

strawberryfields4ever said...

I think that cruise ships, lots of times, have kid stuff going on so that everyone has things to do. What is a "Bradley instructor" I have not heard of it. I too am a library freak...who would like it? All of those books! I am a sucker for Barnes and Noble or Borders as well!

I enjoy reading your blog from time to time...I was tagged earlier this week, and now I tag you if you would like to participate! :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I wonder if they allow prego women on a cruise? Let me know what you find out.

Not So Perfect said...

We just got back from taking our 2 almost 3 year old on a 7 day cruise to Bermuda. And she had an absolute blast and so did we. It was a larger cruise line and they had child care on the boat that we used a few times, it was wonderful.

I just read a few other people's comments and I went on a cruise to Greece when I was 6 months pregnant. And it wasn't an issue. This cruise however I would not bring a child on. Small European cruiseline, not the same as huge American cruise with boat stabilizers and what not.