August 22, 2008

Do Pregnancy and Cruises mix? NO. NO THEY DO NOT.

Thanks to an anonymous commenter yesterday who had the presence of mind to say, "Um... have you checked the boat policy regarding your ginormous growing abdomen?", I have now been informed that I am actually completely NOT ALLOWED on the cruise ship after all. They will not allow you to board if you are more than 24 weeks along in a pregnancy. I will be quite a bit more than that in mid November. This didn't even cross my mind, and it probably never would have if someone had not mentioned it to me. (I'm quite the well-versed traveler, you see.)

So, no cruise for me. Or my husband. The question of whether to bring Ezra or not is now a moot point.

I feel... persecuted against. HAHA not really. I'm totally fine with it overall... I'm just bummed to miss out on a family get together. I mean, is there anyone who deserves a cruise more than pregnant women??

It is now my life's mission to create a cruise line entirely for preggos. (Gestational Groove Cruise!!) There will be virgin daiquiris and massage tables as far as the eye can see. There will be room service and people standing around just waiting to help hoist you up out of your pool side lounger. The kitchen will be overflowing with avocados and pickles, and bedtime will be... uh...urr... EIGHT. ish.

Also? LOTS of bathrooms. For all those squashed bladders on board. And maybe we'll never really leave port, because the rolling of the open sea may induce nausea.

We'll be a wild bunch, we will.

(I'm SO going to be a millionaire.)


Shawna Herring Photography said...

I'm in!!! Can I come even if i'm not pregnant?? I could be the bellie photographer.

MEGAN said...

I'm sure you could make money off of the idea!

For future reference, I think a 3-year old would have a great time. What's not to love, food and pools, and a big boat? They have stuff for little kids to do too.

I'm going on a caribbean cruise in sept.

Zimms Zoo said...

Wow what a great attitude! I think I would be in bed crying.

I would definitely be in for the gestational cruise!

Jennifer said...

I love the cruise idea!!

Kelly said...

You are hilarious. I hear you about the pregnancy thing. I'm thinking on your cruise you need to have a delivery room too in case of special deliveries!!
We are going on a cruise in January, and I have on my calandar not to get pregnant before a certain date because on the disney cruse the deadline for being pregnant is 20 weeks. Too bad I got pregnant a whole YEAR early. Oops. But that's ok, now we'll just have 3 little ones in tow instead of 2.

Cheatwoods said...

I am so on that cruse, and I think there should be no toddlers alowed!!

MsN said...

That was awesome! Love the idea. I want to come :)

skylana said...

well then you have your answer... ezra goes. hahaha

Steph said...

You are so funny. That would be wonderful. When I read your post the thought of you being preggers never crossed my mind either. I definitely love your idea though very much and would most definitely get on board.

Tracee said...

they're allowed to completely ban pregnant women? Discrimination!

Not So Perfect said...

What a great idea. Count me in too, well when I get pregnant that is.

I should have read this post first. I would have never guessed I was breaking in the law when I went on our cruise to Greece. And people say I am such a goody goody. They have no idea.

Hunny Bee May said...

Lol!!! I'm there! Especially for the bathroom part.

You're totally going to be a bazillionaire!!! Wish I had thought of it!

Jeninacide said...

Sign me UP! (Next time I'm preggo that is.. which, uh.. isn't going to be for like another billion years or something)..

Anyway- I would never have known that preggos were not allowed on cruises had I not read this. Sheesh.

jim said...

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last minute cruise deals said...

unfortunately i made the mistake of going on a cruise. most of the cruise was spent in a prestigious bathroom, at least it was a gorgeous looking bathroom.


electrobabymama said...

I found your blog on a fluke, and am glad I did!
You are making my first pregnancy that much more enjoyable with your honesty and humor. Totally my style of sarcasm, I'm just eating it up over here.

Thanks a ton, and keep on writing, I'll be checking for new posts!

Caribbean Cruise said...

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