June 5, 2008

A Whole Lotta New.

There is a whole lot of 'new' in our lives right now. Here is a sampling:

The new family car!

The new kitchen table!

The new work truck!

The in-law's new house!

And, just off the top of my head... a new baby!

On an un-related note, check out how beautiful Oklahoma is. This is the lake by my house. Come visit! We'll buy you gelato and show you what a REAL thunderstorm looks like!


Anonymous said...

Hey I never got a gelato OR a thunderstorm!
But I did love me some Bobba.
Miss you guys, say hello to everyone for me.

MoMar said...

The more I come to know OKC the more I miss ... She is beautiful.

Misguided Mommy said...

dear emery-
I believe your new kitchen table was really supposed to be delivered to my house. Please correct the error so that fabulous table can be in my dining room where it belongs!

Jealous in Reno

(But serious where did you get it, and if you said Chris made it well, shit!)

lorieloo said...

ohmygosh. my hubby and i are UBER jealous! an ELEMENT! and an orange one!!! SO JEALOUS!!!=)

Hunny Bee May said...

Wow, two sweet new rides! Very cool. Congrats on all the 'new'!

R-becca said...

Awesome and beautiful new stuff!! I didn't know there was water in OK...haha. That is pretty. Now that we're closer, we should be doing some trip swaps. You come visit in Denver, Rand and I go to OK...yeah?

stinamarie said...

i really like your new car and the lake with the lighthouse. it's so encouraging to see your life full of blessings and your honesty about tough times gives it this beautiful bittersweet balance.

Our Crooked Tree said...

yeah for you and yeah for new!

BWK said...

Is that Lake Hefner? Well, it must be, that's the only LAKE around there.

Nice new cars, love the color on that Element, how does it drive? I'm about to buy a new car myself, just sold my old one to my cousin... who lives in OKC. So if you see a silver Camaro around, it might be mine, heh heh.