June 4, 2008

Pregnancy: Week 6!

I'm sorry for my lack of posting lately... my schedule has done a 180 since Summer reared it's ugly head, and I'm feeling totally disoriented and unsure of how to... live? Survive? Pull through?

I had a nice routine going this past Fall. Ezra was in school two days a week, plus we had a playgroup day, and we usually always had one other day filled with fun activities with friends as well. Since Summer started and Ezra's school ended, I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing again. I'm back to AMATEUR status. I'm with the boy allllll day everyday, which results in meltdowns and tantrums and boredom... and me feeling like a lousy mom.

I've never been good at keeping Ezra busy with planned activities. We end up bouncing off the walls all day because it's too hot to go outside. By 3:00, I'M DONE, and Summer has only just begun. I feel... worried. How am I going to pull through this season unscathed? I hate the heat, and now I have to be in 'entertain' mode all day. Add preggo hormones to that and you've got a ticking mom-bomb. Ezra simply refuses to play alone or do anything on his own all day. He follows me from room to room, asking "why dat like dat?" and the staple "what happened to me?". (This is what he asks me whenever ANYTHING happens. It's like he wants to know how everything in the world relates and affects him directly. So, like, even if a fly happens to land in the room he's sitting in, he will say, "What happened to meeeee?")

Lord, have mercy.

I'm now over 6 weeks in to this pregnancy, and I still feel extra large and in charge. I gaze down at my belly (which is now protruding farther than my BOOBS) (This either says something about my belly or my boobs, I'm not sure which at this point) and I remember how frustrated I was with my last pregnancy because it took SOOOO long for me to 'show'. I don't know what this is or what's going on here, but my belly feels like it did at 4 months (at least!) last time.

I feel GREAT- pretty much totally normal with an extra helping of hunger- and the only other thing that I've noticed is the LEG THING again. It happened when I was pregnant with Ezra, too... every time I climb into bed and am about to fall asleep, my legs start aching and knotting and twisting and I have to jump back out of bed to stretch them and move them around. Sometimes they cramp up really badly. Last night I sat by the bed and stretched for 30 minutes before they finally calmed back down. This is... annoying. But nothing major. I'd take wiggly legs over puking my guts out ANY DAY.

My first doc's appt. is June 19th. Does that feel like YEARS from now to anyone else besides me?

Chris keeps joking with me about how there might be more than one baby in there. If there is, we're going to have to take our new car back to the store and try again-- something with third row seating and room for infinity billion car seats.

Oh yeah! We bought a new car! It's a Honda Element and it's ORANGE. (pics coming tomorrow.) And you know what I've noticed? Elements are the kind of car where people in other Elements WAVE TO YOU when you pass them on the road.

THEY WAVE! How bizzare! Does this happen to any of you in your make/model of cars? Or is it only an 'Element' thing? And, should I join the waving club? Or keep my hands on the wheel?

I'm so confused.


Lynn said...

I read your blog all the time and am finally delurking to say that you look absolutely beautiful in that pic.

Candace said...

I agree with Chris...I said the same exact thing to David when I saw your first prego pick. There MUST be two in there. =)

WHAT!!!! a honda element....I am sooooo jealous, I absolutely LOVE those cars. ( can I pretty please have a ride in it when I come to Oklahoma in two weeks)

And you look absolutely adorable by the way! and Yeah I am coming in TWO WEEKS!!

Mercy Kidz said...

either there are twins or yyou are farther than you think.................your gunna be big!!!!! ahhahhaahah love it! My appointment is the 16th, not much better huh!

MoMar said...

I always had cramps in my legs when I was pregnant. You need CALCIUM !!! Trust me on this one. Bones are forming and your body is sending all you have to my granddaughter. YOU NEED MORE !

Laura said...

Speaking of waiting years for an appointment, my first OB appt was at 13 weeks. In my SECOND trimester. I had to wait 2 months from the time I first called them. Worst 2 months ever.

Hunny Bee May said...

In addition to what Momar said, potassium might help too. Really, all those basic electrolytes, if they get out of whack, can cause cramps and stuff. I actually read somewhere that eating a banana everyday can help with leg and foot cramps. Supposedly it really worked. Just my two cents.

I'm with mercy kidz too that maybe you're farther along. But you are tiny, so maybe you're just 'popping sooner. Either way, you're still cute as heck.

Misguided Mommy said...

the leg thing might be dehydration. also you look super cute, but twins oh i furrowing my brow for you.

do you guys have a water park there? maybe you could get a summer pass and go to the kiddie area where you can lounge on the "shore" while he plays safely in the kids area.

Cheeziemommie said...

ahhh it's Restless Leg Syndrome. They do have a pill you can take for that I'm sure but I would definitely try the calcium, potassium, and hydration first to see if that helps. I had it with my 2nd pg and it's so annoying when you're ALREADY uncomfortable in other places when you lay down.
I've been having trouble keeping my kids busy too this summer. Do you have the Free movies out there?
I also went and bought stickers and crayons and construction paper and *gasp* paint (watercolors though!) and have been trying to keep them busy that way. It is exhausting being primo entertainer though. Hang in there!

hope and Jo's mom said...

yes.. i get waved at all the time in my jeep..all makes and models of jeeps. I think they have a club or something?? I was totally taken off guard when i first got it - and now i just lift my hand and wave back - its the friendly oklahoman thing to do. Oh and when I was preggo with jojo i started showing much faster than I did with hope. I think that happens with every womans 2nd pregnancy:) and it would be cool if there were twins in there too!

Anna Hosking said...

You look darling! Definately try the banana thing for your legs. I've never been pregnant but I know athletes eat one banana daily to keep away leg cramps.

I have a Toyota Prius and other Prius drivers alway look and wave when i drive by. It's the funniest thing. I guess we feel like we're united, saving the world from Global Warming one hybrid vehicle at a time. (I actually just got it to save money on gas since I commute - but my waving friends needn't know that.)

Oh, and try to find some vacation Bible school in the area. They could occupy a bit of Ezra's time.

Our Crooked Tree said...

I have been feeling this way abotu Little Man lately; summer has only begun and I think he is bored with little brother. We may have to do a parents day out to shake things up a bit.

BTW. You look super fab!

Anonymous said...


for your leg cramps
they're usually caused by bad circulation in the legs (i get them all the time since two legs got broken, leaving me with bad circulation)
do you sleep on your side? if so, you may be blocking the circulation in the pelvic veins that go to your legs. your feet might also be cold (i guess you would notice that, heh :P )

the potassium and calcium could also work, but stay the 'natural' way : i.e. eating a banana, not suplements. taking suplement potassium can cause buildups that can lead to a heart attack. as for calcium, suplements can cause buildups in your kidneys (hypercalcemia, kidney stones)

im not agains suplements per se, but the dose that they provide is usually way above the daily intake...

also? you look lovely!


Anonymous said...

Yay! An element! they are so comfy, so smooth. I wanted one so bad but got a ten year old mini van instead.
And speaking of twins, did you know that Nick and Tiff Colonna are having a pair?? They just found out one was a boy. Yikes! and Yipee! all at the same time!!

R-becca said...

You must go with the car club wave action.

Jeep owners do have a sense of unity though...there are just so many in Denver that it isn't a big deal. Hope and Jo's mom mentioned the Jeep thing above.

I can't wait to see pictures of the orange car. Love it already.

Anonymous said...

* i meant pelvic arteries :P


Anonymous said...

Long time reader...first of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I am going through the process of IVF-very emotional, frustrating, pretty much horrible...but I'm hopeful! I had to comment because I have a green element. They are the best! I bought mine the year I graduated from college, 03, first year they came out. It was my first 'on my own' grownup purchase. I saw it and knew it had to be mine. That's so funny that you say people wave, because we do! And I sometimes feel super cheesy doing it, but I just go with it and end up either laughing because people are so friendly, or laughing because it's all pretty silly.I just think to myself, 'Right on Team Element.' My husband says he hates the boxcar, but I think he secretly loves it. Anyway, congratulations on all your new changes!!!

Anonymous said...

I commented above, meant to leave my name...it's Meghan Beck :)

CeCe said...

Oh, the good 'ol Charlie Horses in your legs during pregnancy... gotta love when they wake you up in the middle of the night and you freak because you don't understand what is wrong with your legs and you want to die. I've heard that potassium helps... so eat a bunch of bananas a day, and that should help. :)

Your belly looks beautiful, and I love love LOVE your new orange car! :)

blogforpeace said...

eat lots of bananas for potassium...it helps with the leg cramps!
I'm a dancer/actress and I have the same problem-o.

Jessica Mapa said...

Here is my kindergarten teacher advice for Ezra (however all kids are different): Play doe (there's lots of home made recipes online), shaving creme on a cookie sheet (take it outside), coloring books with markers (markers are like this magical thing to 4 and 5 year olds), lots of book time, blocks if you have 'um...ok that's all I can think about...Oh check out oriental trading company they have some great active play stuff that is the best priced stuff out there. Maybe some bean bags and find a kids cd with bean bag dancing songs that will give Ezra the instructions of what to do with his bean bag...minutes of fun! :)

anna joy said...

woweeeee your belly! yay! cute! and p.s. this "So, like, even if a fly happens to land in the room he's sitting in, he will say, "What happened to meeeee?"" made me LOL in my room by myself for like 10 mins. thanks for helping me assure the neighbors that I AM CRAZY.

Veronica said...

Just found you via blogher. I am 7 weeks into my pregnancy and I am AMAZED at how much larger I am this time around. I swear, I didn't show last time until about 6 months and I hated it.

Also, bananas are good for leg cramps because they are high in potassium and help with circulation. Also holding your toes and pulling used to help me.

Veronica said...

Clarifying, I hated the not showing, not the actual showing.

Hmmm, mummy brain is kicking in already.

cam said...

get you some cal/mag supplements and eat a banana every day!

amy t sharp said...

Yr so cute! congrats- you can join us for our summer stuff we are starting Monday
www.cheekymonkeyplay.blogspot.com ( look for week one and two - 3/4/5/6 will post this weekend and next week! xo