June 23, 2008

Every Single Time.

Baby appointment was postponed. Due to INSURANCE issues. (HATE.) I will be seeing the midwives at OU on July 17th now- which was their soonest appointment available. That's ONE WHOLE MONTH later than my previously scheduled baby appointment. I will be pushing my second trimester by that point. I am so bummed about all of this, but I understand... I'd rather get all the insurance stuff squared away than have to pay $800 out of pocket for lab fees, you know?

I'm still trying to decide if I want to do a home birth with midwives, or if I want to use midwives at the birthing center at OU Medical. The most important thing to me is that I have a natural birth. Where that actually takes place is less of a priority in my mind. Now that we've been approved for the state's insurance coverage, cost isn't an issue. So... I guess I'd better just make up my mind already. Or something.

I've been feeling oodles better this week, and have not had any nausea worth mentioning in the last four days or so. I'm still craving sub sandwiches like a mo fo. And napping is my new best friend. I'm 9 weeks along already... time seems to be flying by with this pregnancy!

This past week was really full, but really good at the same time. Chris' mom, dad, and sister pulled into town on Friday with the big U-Haul truck full of Chris' parent's stuff. We unloaded it all on Saturday AM. They are officially moved in! Woo woo! Chris' sister stayed with us through Sunday and then flew back to Reno. [Sad faces.] We already miss her.

Saturday afternoon, Chris and I (and another couple) watched all the kids in our co-op from 4-7 at our house so the other parents could have a date night. There were like, 10 kids in my little house- but they all did great! Right at 7, I left and drove to a coffee shop down the road and played a show with my friend Shannon. The show was really awesome- probably my favorite show since I can remember. I even played a new song. gasp!

Things should be settling down a bit now until July 1st, which is when Ezra and I hop on a plane and visit Reno for 10 days to see family. It should be a nice little break of routine- a great chance to soak up some MoMar and Doodad time.

Ezra started swimming lessons at the YMCA last week, and he's doing so good. I'm so proud of how brave he's becoming! He's a champ. (Until his face gets wet.)

Last night, Chris and I loaded Ezra up in the car and decided to go try out Chris' father's day gift at the lake right by our house. Chris got a new fishing pole for Father's Day, and it was calling for a test drive.

It was an amazing time. No fish were caught (much to my unspoken relief) , and I got to lounge in the back of the new car- reading my book and munching on fresh cantaloupe. I could get used to this 'fishing' idea!

Can you find Ezra in this picture?

So, all in all, life is going along smoothly. I work hard everyday to care for my son and try to remember to 'sing behind the plow' as I go... to remember to find joy in the simple things in front of me rather than waste my life in expecting it around every corner.

And, every single time, I find the joy all around me when I put down my binoculars and just allow my eyes to focus on the things in my own hands.

Every single time.


lorieloo said...

so beautifully put. to sing behind the plow. great thought.
and glad everything is good, even if you have to wait a whole more month.

Band of Brothers said...

those fishing pics are gorgeous.

and concerning where you birth...does Chris have an opinion? maybe he can help you decide!

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Stumbled across your blog. I have 3 boys myself! Love your pictures. Congrats on the pregnancy. Sorry about your insurance issue.

Talia said...

I too love the phrase you used-- "sing behing the plow." Awesome thought. I think I'm going to put that on my fridge. :)
It's so nice to get an update on everything, and I'm so glad things are great for you! I hope the time FLIES by till your appt. Insurance is yucky-- a neccesary evil, I suppose, however. :)
And can I just say how adorable you are?? I am loving getting to see you pregnant!!

Momma Bean said...

Hi! I found your blog through Blogher and wanted to post a comment on how beautiful your photos and son are! Your last sentence really hit home. I'm going to do that as soon as I get home today and really savor every minute with my girls. Thanks!

skylana said...

sounds good ;) where you have a natural birth doesn't matter... the thing that does matter is the midwife you like.... its amazing to find someone you feel so right with cause its a big connection. flo's midwife and mine are friends but they are very very opposite and they were just what we both needed... but i dont think it would have been nearly the same for us the other way around... it was like destiny that i met mary and that she delivered ara.... so maybe choose when you find a midwife you really like... you'll know.

elisaparker said...

I've always wondered how it feels like to be pregnant. There must be much attention from all your friends and relatives. all of them take care of you. Doesn't it feel like in heaven?

Momo Fali said...

Em, every time I come here I find joy.

anna joy said...

wow way to hit home with that last paragraph- thank you.

Our Crooked Tree said...

Hope you are feeling well! We had a midwife at the hospital for our first and a Doula and OB at the hospital with our second (MO doesn't do Midwives) and loved both! We liked the idea of having them but also being at the hospital; the best of both worlds! Good luck!