April 3, 2008

Amy, Amy, Amy, and I.

My friend Amy called me last week and said she wanted to take me on a hot date. She has four tickets to see the Blue Man Group, and so tonight I get to go with her and two other friends who happen to be named Amy as well to see a bunch of blue men run around on stage and do really neat things.

My husband is seethingly jealous. He's always wanted to see the Blue Man Group. HECK, I can't even tell you how many people have suggested that he BE in the blue man group... He's tall, skinny, a drummer, and doesn't have much hair. All he needs is the blue paint. (I'm making a mental note for next Halloween...)

Anywho- Amy, Amy, Amy and I will enjoy dinner before the show and maybe some hard liquor refreshments afterwards? I'm so excited I can hardly refrain from checking the clock every 30 seconds to see if it is miraculously closer to 5:30 yet.

Holy Ack! It's 4:10! What to wear???!!

***edited to add***

5:08 pm: Bring them blue dudes ON.


Laura said...

I hope you had a great time! It's a fantastic show. I'm assuming you're seeing the tour?
Seriously - if he can catch things in his mouth, play the drums, act, and has expressive eyes... those are all things they do at their tryouts. And they start around 70k a year. ;)

Momar said...

Oh my ... Em you are so incredibly CUTE !! And, Chris should try out. Why not?

Kelli Letner said...

I saw the show in North Carolina, and it was wonderful!
I hope you enjoyed it.

anna joy said...

that outfit is cuh yooote!

akeorlando said...

How did you enjoy the show? I live in Orlando and recently saw the BMG at their [relatively] new pavillion here, and I thought it was one of the most bizarre, entertaining, and creative live-experiences!

So cool!