February 20, 2008

Wedding Dancers.

I meant to post a link to these pics awhile ago, but I forgot. They are from the wedding we went to a while back- the one that was so much fun I never wanted it to end.

All these photos were taken by a photographer in Seattle named Sarah Rhoads. Check out her stuff, it's absolutely amazing.

Can you spot my handsome dancin' hubby and the little pink & black dress you all helped me pick out?

me, chris, pete, and crystal. CATCHING AIR.

Joel and Chris. Simply amazing.

Chris and I firmly believe that EVERY wedding needs choreographed dances to Michael Jackson tunes.

Congrats again, Dustin and Becca! Your wedding was a blast!


Maria said...

Those pictures were amazing! The first almost looked like some sort of paper cutouts thing.

Ashley Forrette said...

Wow, what a unique style. These are great! Looks like fun.

Andrea June said...

Looks like you had a BLAST! And you're definitely right about the MJ dances...classic :)

Sarah Rhoads Photo said...

Hey there sister! I must say you had the most stylish of outfits that night at the wedding... and now I am seeing that you have your own vintage clothing ay? it all makes sense. Thanks for the blog love on my images.. you guys made it so fun to photograph :)

piper of love said...

Wow, the pic of Chris and Joel is perfection x 100.

secret agent mama said...

Sarah Rhoads Rocks!!

Love the pics you shared. Every wedding DOES need a dance such as that.

omarhammid said...

I think wedding is wedding is incomplete without dancing and there should be some professional dancers in wedding. You are one of them.