January 14, 2008

A Résumé Life.

After so many of you sent death threats kindly told me your opinions of wearing cream dresses to weddings, I went with the pink & black number.

(For the record: I really do believe that you can wear cream dresses to weddings, if you do it tastefully. Also, a sidenote- people could have showed up to my wedding wearing cutoffs and safety orange sweatshirts and I WOULD NOT HAVE EVEN NOTICED. Heh.)

Obviously, you need to be sensitive to the specific couple and their desires- it is their day and that demands respect (even if the respect is based on some 1,000 year old rule that is dusty and needs revamping) but don't worry... I am not disrespectful. It's just that I know my friends well enough to know that they would not have been offended by what I WORE, they would just be happy that we were there to celebrate their love with them.

And, oh, what a celebration it was! They had a beautiful wedding, and a super fun dance-filled reception where Chris and I danced like crazies until we couldn't even lift our arms over our heads anymore. We had so much fun seeing our friends begin their new life together, we didn't ever want the night to end. After the reception, we went and grabbed a drink with some friends at a nice bar down the street and had great conversations and laughed a lot.

It was perfect.

I felt like a million bucks in my cute little dress, and I got more compliments on it than I have ever gotten on anything I've ever worn before. It felt so good to get dressed up and boogie the night away... just what I needed to lift my spirits, really. So, thank you thank you all for helping me decide what to wear- it was the perfect choice! I wore it with black tights and flats and a little black cardigan.

Okay, shifting gears.

Here's my embarrassing Starbucks story, in a nutshell: I went to get an application and ordered a drink at the same time and picked out a mug I really wanted to buy as well. We had 4 Starbucks cards from the Holidays, but when I went to pay for my stuff, I couldn't find any of my cards. Also, my CREDIT CARD was missing. I had no way to pay. **wanted. to. DIE.** They kindly gave me my drink on the house, and said they would hold the mug for me and I could just get it when I dropped the application back off.

this mug was SO worth it.

Later, I found my cards buried in an obscure part of my wallet, and figured out that Chris had my card and had left it on the dresser at home. I was pretty much mortified.

Ah, well. Life goes on, yes? I'm learning to live outside the confining box of what people think of me... So, I wear what I wear and I shake off embarrassment and I confidently fill out applications and print out resumes. Resumes that may not be impressive to some, but that sum up a life I am proud of and love deeply- a life I would not change for the world.

Oh! And get this: When I first started filling out my application, I wrote that I didn't graduate college. But then, while looking through old paperwork and trying to piece together my distant past, I found that I actually DID graduate. With an Associates of Arts degree. And? I graduated with Honors and High Honors. And I was on the Dean's List every year.

I had NO idea I was a college graduate. Makes you think they must be passing out those Honors Degrees like candy, eh?


sufferingsummer said...

So glad you got a romping night out with the man, looks like you guys had a blast.
My husband works for starbucks and you'd be surprised how often your little story happens...like ALL THE TIME...guess it is common to misplace cards and such.
Oh and I want that mug too, I've been eyeing it since it came in hoping one day my husband just happens to come home with it:)

Talia said...

that's hilarious that you didn't even know you graduated from college!! Talk about a nice surprise. :)
Hmmm, maybe I should go check my records again, I'm pretty positive I never finished, but I guess you never know!
kidding.... I only took like two months of college, so it's not too likely. :)

Huckdoll said...

Glad to hear you had a blast at the wedding...I bet you looked scrumptious and I'm glad you took my death threat seriously about wearing the black and pink.

Note to all: You will wear cream everyday when you are eighty. Wear pink and black when you are still young and cute like Emery Jo.

Anyway, love your pics and the Starbucks ordeal combined with the realization that you graduated was the best thing I've read all day.

Rock on.

Scott and Lorie said...

OOh great mug. I pretty much love all the starbucks mugs. Which is why I have a cupboard full of them. They're addicting!

So I'm gonna embarrass you right now. Or freak you out. Or maybe it's a compliment.

But you sorta have a cult following here in Bakersfield.

Case in point:
Several Sundays ago at church one of my friends showed up with new bangs. To which another friend exclaimed-You look so Emery Jo right now! And then we all giggled like school girls at some big secret.

The secret is out. We love the Emery.

Scott and Lorie said...

Oh and did you tell Chris to wear a pink shirt to match you or did he do that all on his own???=)

Either way I'm impressed!

R-becca said...

I think the Bakersfield cult needs to come up with a name.

Good luck with the job apps Emery - you can put me as a reference, I'll tell them "yeah, she's pretty cool."

Momar said...

You can give me as a reference, I'll be objective...(heh heh)

skylana said...

ok first of all.. the guy in the picture with chris and joel looks like luke wilson... secondly... sorry if i offended you by saying white's not for weddings... i thinks its just a respect thing, a 'the bride is the only one who's supposed to stand out in a color people hardly wear' thing..., and i said it cause i would have been really sad if someone wore white or off white to my wedding... and i didn't want people thinking badly about you cause i know if someone wears that to a wedding people think "is that girl trying to show up the bride? does she wish she was still the bride?" so awkward... anyway sorry... i was just tryin to help you out....