February 8, 2008

This Post is an Emotional Rollercoaster.

Your comments on the post before last blew me away. You guys are wise, and I can't thank you enough for what you brought to my table that day. Encouragement, practical suggestions, tough love, opening my eyes to people who have changed the world without leaving their homes... all of these things really did help me on one of the lowest days I can remember. I am thinking some of these 'slumps' may be chemically and/or hormonally driven, so I am going to look into that. I feel weird even typing that just now. But it's the truth. And I owe it to myself to look into it.

I have NO reason to be unhappy- unhappy to the point of being nonfunctional- yet it seems that I am interminably pushing despair away from my surface. It is exhausting. And I think it's just been a part of who I am for so long that I don't even realize how incessantly I am having to do it. Who would I be if I weren't using all that energy just to stay functional? What if a lifeboat came along?

Who would I be??

Anywho... thank you all. Deeply.


In other news...

We sold our green sofa bed couch on Craigslist and bought a bed to take its place. (Sorry, Darrin! I know you were attached to the green monster.) We are officially adults because our guests no longer have to sleep on a vintage pull-out sofa mattress. Yay us! Now, come stay with us! We'll feed you good acceptable food and make you yummy tea!

I went to Ross to find some bedding and found some really nice sheets, a fabulous modern GRAY bed skirt, and this fantastic down alternative plaid comforter. (Chris told me he desired to have at least ONE room that wasn't covered in floral floraly-ness... that he wanted to keep the office/guest room MODERN and SIMPLE. This is the best I could do. I am drawn to busy patterns like a moth to a bug zapper.) Then a lamp and a picture frame jumped into my cart. It all ended up costing less than $80.

Long live Ross!


In other OTHER news...

My parents are fronting us a little money so that we can have a storm shelter installed in our garage. Recent events demand it for us. In a couple of weeks, a company will come out, cut a square into the cement of our garage floor, dig a big hole in the ground, and drop a steel bunker down into it. Then they will finish it all off with a sliding door that is flush with the ground.

I am SO wishing I could Photoshop these images with some funny captions, but my husband is using the laptop to watch LOST, so I CAN'T. (Just pretend they are saying really funny things, mmmm kay?)

In the past, we've asked all of our neighbors what their tornado plan was. They all kindof shrugged and said, "We don't really know... what's yours?"


For those of you who live in tornado-prone areas (I'm looking at YOU Nashvillians and Oklahomans that I love) these things aren't all that expensive. And you might never ever need them, but also? YOU MIGHT.

You all should look into it.


Some of Chris' family have been in town this week due to tragic circumstances... Chris' aunt's sister passed away here in Oklahoma, and then when Chris' aunt came down to attend the funeral, she passed away as well. She just didn't wake up one morning.

Needless to say, the family is in shock and grappling with two unexpected deaths within the same week. We had some of the family over for dinner last night, and it was such a sweet time. It is so sad that such horrible circumstances brought us all together finally, but I am so glad we got to see them and spend time with them. They are amazing people. We are praying that God would be closer than their very breath during this difficult time...


Flo Oakes said...

I totally put a link to a "safe room" in my blog the night after the storm.

By the way...that night was...just a LITTLE intense.
It was like, "Welcome to the south, here's your map, your free souvenir cup, and THE WORST STORM in 75 years!"

So, for now, since we don't own the house, we'll just have to make do in the basement..which is a pretty good option.

It will be so cute when we have matching steel bunkers!

Candace said...

YAY FOR STORM BUNKER!!! Now I really want to come to OKC in May!!!! New bed, new storm shelter, we will have it made! Maybe we can....but I still don't know if we will have the funds to make it. I love you bunches, hope all is well. Lets talk soon.

secret agent mama said...

Wow! I would definitely want one of those safe rooms installed, like that.

I'm sorry for the loss of life. My condolences to you and yours.

Melyni in PA said...

I honestly think that the storm cellar is scarier then a tornado. Why? Because A) I am extremely claustrophobic and B) have never seen a tornado because I live near Philly. I would probably put in the cellar if I experienced the close calls you've had. But I had to scroll away from the pictures because I started panicing. Let me ask you: Do you have to register with the county or something that you have that? What if people don't know that you installed that and don't know to come looking for you if you can't get out cause your house fell on top of it? What if GOD FORBID the friends and family who know you have it aren't able to rescue you? How are you going to know if the coast is clear? what if you run out of breathable air? Is there enough room in there for food? (I am not challenging this deicison. I really want to know these answers so I can calm down. haha) Can you tell I am a catastophic thinker? :)

Emery Jo said...

ahh! sorry to have pushed your claustrophobic button melyni!

Yes- There are vents for air, and YES you do register it with the state.

You put food and water and a radio down there so you know whats going on. Usually you only have to be in your shelter for a few minutes- tornados come and go very quickly- and they can track them so well that they can tell you what STREET they are currently on once they touch down.

If I knew I'd have to be down there for a long period of time, I'd just get a house with a basement instead. Cramped spaces eek me out too!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you don't get any warnings like what just happened in Nashville it came in the middle of the night that’s why so many people were hurt. You need to make sure that people know your box is there cause if a car or tree crashed into your garage and covered the door then you couldn’t get out and no one would know you were there I know from experience.

Melyni in PA said...

Phew!!!! Ok, you have my permission to build it. hahaha

DareM said...

Not the Futon.

Glad you guys will be safe if the weather goes psycho, and I'm sorry about the deaths in the family. Crazy.

Maria said...

Oh my - that storm bunker scares me more than a storm! It seems extremely tight...

Melyni in PA said...

Thank you, Maria! I was really embarassed the write that it scared me more too! I'm not alone.

Flo Oakes said...

When I showed my best friend the link to the bunker, her first thoughts were of being claustrophobic too...
But I guarantee, no matter who you are, and what your phobia, if you had been in the storm Tuesday, you would wish you had a bunker!

Emery Jo said...

Yes, yes, yes Flo! I couldn't agree more!!!!

R-becca said...

Wow Em. That was a mouthful. I hope you are doing well through all these changes and tragedies. I love you!

Misguided Mommy said...

yeah that bed looks so comfy i wanna snuggle up in it. also, i'm a total advocate for calling drs and researching. and the shelter thing scares me

Jennifer said...

Yes, the bunker sounds like a good idea.. I'm in Arkansas and we lost 13 people here. Fortunately, I was nowhere near tornado-land.

Love the bed. And I am drawn more to "simple" than "floral" so yay for hubby! :) He needs a room to have a say-so in, and yay for you for listening!!

And I still can't get over these pictures of Ezra. He's SO cute!