February 28, 2008

Playing Catch Up.

Ezra honing his tracing skills with the little maze I made for him.

Some things:
  • We're meant to have the storm shelter installed in the garage this weekend, but lo and behold! The garage door broke! CRASH! No one can get in or out! Life thinks it's sooo funny!
  • Garage door man came out and fixed everything for us. We didn't have to pay a billion dollars for a new one. Life may resume as planned.
  • Now the dishwasher sounds like it may implode. Again.
  • Chris is leaving town tomorrow. I will be left to deal with storm shelter people by my lonesome. I fear the worst... perhaps they will install it upside-down under my watchful direction?
  • Ezra is on antibiotics due to a recent double ear infection.
  • Antibiotics = constant stream of diarrhea = horrible, painful rash on son's bum = no leaving the house ever ever ever. Every time I have to wipe him, I feel like I'm torturing him. This is... how shall I say? Unpleasant. He's going to be on this stuff for TEN DAYS. (Heaven help us.)
  • I have been eating poorly and been very inactive lately. I am trying to find ways to remedy this while on Diarrhea Lock Down 2008.
  • Ezra has learned all of his alphabet phonics... The 'A' says AH! The 'B' says BUH! The 'C' says CUH!.... He's so smart. Now he's on to sounding out words. Although at this point, he thinks most words say "EZRA!" Example: "BUH... ALL... BUH... ALL... dat say EZRA!"
  • Chris is currently outside at the top of our 40 foot tree- trimming the branches that were damaged in the storm a couple of months ago. He is using his 30 ft ladder and a full body harness (tied off) for safety. But still... a chainsaw in a tree? I am as nervous as a wet cat.
  • I am better understanding WHY I have been having such intense emotions over the past month- and will probably write more about this (very personal) experience later on- when I'm feeling up for it and not knee deep in liquid toddler poo.
  • Also on the agenda: Sharing with you all the video of Ezra singing a collection of his favorite songs, (including a little Sufjan Stevens) which I have FINALLY captured on film. This boy has an INSANE ear for melody and pitch... I foresee a vocalist in my future. How lovely!
  • Um, that's all for now I think.
*End random transmission. Boop!*


Misguided Mommy said...

talk about cliff hanger on that second to last one there

Jennifer said...

Diarrhea Lockdown 2008? LOL. I choked on my water!

My hubby trims our trees too... I'm nervous, but at least your husband is being safe. That's what keeps me sane with mine.

And I LOVE the maze you drew. That took some time!

Amy said...

Nice maze!

(Feed him toast, bananas, rice, and yogurt for the antiobiotic-induced diarrhea.)

Megan said...

Um seriously? Second to last one? On the edge of my very uncomfortable desk chair at work.

Court said...

On the edge of my seat here...waiting to see if you'll post about the 2nd to last one.

Can't WAIT to see the video of Ezra!

And Diarrhea Lock Down...boo! Poor little buddy! And you too...

Davi said...

whenever my boys go on antibiotics, I use powdered primadophilus for children from the local health food store. mix 1/2tsp of the powder in their applesauce at every meal and no diarrhea whatsoever. It's not too late to go get some. If I lived in your state I would drop it off for you!Try it--it's amazing.

secret agent mama said...

You so need to write children's books, Emery!

Ezra is remarkable. He is yours and Chris' child, after all!! <3

cam said...

typing w one hand...get some probiotics for kids. at health food store.

blackbird said...

For Ezra's little bottom: try pouring a warm cup of water on his bum while he is sitting on the potty...then dab dry with a soft paper towel like Bounty...or even a wash cloth.
Also a bath in some baking soda.

HOPE and JOJOs mom said...

Some people might think this is crazy but when Hope had back to back ear infections I started to take her to the chiropractor and she hasnt had one ever since! Both of the girls adore their chiropractor and its only like $17 a visit. He doesnt twist your head or put them in weird positions to pop their back or neck. He uses an activator its a lot less invasive. Check into it....its much better than the alternative of antibiotics - in my opinion.

Deb said...

"Life thinks it's so funny." I will be quoting you forever and ever with that line. Brilliant!

Hunny Bee May said...

Yeah, I'm wondering about that second to last one myself. Will there be some sort of "announcement" coming our way? Just wonderin'.
Get some Florastor probiotics. They come in little packets that you sprinkle in food or drink. Our doc recommends them for upset tummies.
Antibiotics kill the good bacteria off in the intestines (which actually help with digestion, believe it or not) so if you add some good bacteria back there with the probiotics, it can help settle things down.
Just a suggestion.

Emery Jo said...

Okay, you all are geniuses. I've gotten him on probiotics and it is helping immensely. The packet said it wasn't resistant to antibiotics, so I was wary, but it seems to be working fine. Also, I have been giving him toast and bananas and yogurt. Now his tummy just feels tight- like gas or something, but no more diarrhea really. (YES!)

For his bum, I've been doing the warm water thing that bb reccomended, and it is MUCH BETTER. Ezra says "Water cup?" after he is done on the potty, so I'm pretty sure he like it too. hehe.

THANK YOU THANK YOU! We can leave the house again! :)

Dave said...

February is not your month is it dear sister? 2 years now sickness has ravaged the Clark family.

Jen Manuele said...

i cannot WAIT to see Ezra singing sufjan. yay! you are such a rad mom with your homemade mazes.

Ashley said...

Oh good! You are no longer knee deep in liquid toddler poo, lets here about the 2nd to last one. :)

Glad Ezra is feeling a bit better.