January 25, 2008

Room Therapy. Train Board Style.

Today was one of those days where I needed to do something calming. I've been cooped up in the house with my boy for five days now... he got sick and then I got sick so we took cover from the world for awhile.

I woke up this morning feeling scatterbrained, so I decided to rearrange a room to bring me back to planet earth.

This time, it was Ezra's room. His fancy new train board** has been fabulous because Ezra wants to play with it constantly. It's been quite the lifesaver the past few days as we've been nestled inside our warm house recooperating. However, the thing takes up most of the floor space in Ezra's room- so I am constantly hanging it back up on the wall and taking it down again. And the board be HEAVY.

On top of this, everyone knows that train boards just aren't as much fun if they are stuck down on the floor, so I got a brilliant idea to solve these problems of ours.

I rearranged everything in his room so that I could use the lip of the built-in bookshelf and a short stool which happened to be the right height to balance the train board across so he could play and maneuver around it. Plus, it gave me a little extra storage underneath it for his bulkier toys that wouldn't fit anywhere in his closet.

He absolutely LOVES it, and so do I.

There's nothing like rearranging furniture. I swear it's some sort of cheap therapy for me...

**To answer Kerry from the last train board post: Chris built the board from scratch on a piece of thick plywood- he mapped out the track and then painted it and laquered it a bajillion times. We used the strongest glue we could find and plastered the track on the board so it wouldn't get ripped off. So far, it's holding up great!


Huckdoll said...

Good for you lil mama! It looks great and the sense of accomplishment must make you feel awesome! Have a beautiful weekend!

Danae said...

Hey Emery,
Word on the furniture therapy. And that built in bookcase! so beautiful!

skylana said...

i LOVE rearranging too... i do it all the time its like people who are addicted to shopping and it gives them a rush... i get a rush from rearranging and getting rid of stuff we dont need.