January 19, 2008

My Day: Served Up for You on a Toasted Cracker.

**phone rings**

Me: "Hello?"

MoMar: "Hi. Is Ezra home, please?"

Me: "hehe. Yes, one moment. May I tell him who is calling?"...

He's getting his own calls now. Maybe we'll need to install a "teen line" soon. (I suppose this would technically be a "toddler line"?) Did you ever have a "teen line" when you were a teen? I did, although I never liked talking on the phone. I think I just got one because it would make me cool.

Did it succeed in making me cool, you ask? I'm not sure... I think I pretty much canceled out any "cool" vibes that were heading my way at the very moment I chose to JOIN THE SHOW CHOIR.

It is sweet to hear Ezra on the phone with grandparents. He tells them all about the big box that came in the mail and the hot cocoa he had this morning at the coffee shop. And then, while MoMar is in mid sentence, Ezra abruptly says "Okay. Bye!" and drops the phone.

We need to work on his send-offs.

Today, Chris dug up most of the backyard because it appears that we have a shot plumbing main. Wee! We discovered this problem the other day while the washing machine was draining... the water started to BUBBLE UP from underneath the concrete walkway on the side of our house. Ummmmm, not good.

While he spent his Saturday making piles of mud and mire and swinging an axe around in the freezing cold, I wandered around the warm house and drastically altered TRIMMED my bangs. Sometimes I'm so glad I am a woman.

Also? I tried on possible interview outfits. For, you know, the off chance that someone will actually want to interview me someday. (So far? Notsomuch.)

To end the day, I watched as Chris and Ezra put some of the finishing touches on the new and improved train board that they have been working on for sometime now. The board was getting trashed and needed some re-vamping, and it looks amazing so far. My favorite feature is still the "hang-it-on-the-wall" feature, because it looks like a piece of incredible art on Ezra's wall, and I don't have to keep stubbing my toe on the thing as I fumble around in his room at night- covering and recovering him 80 times or so before I go to bed and triple checking to make sure his blinds are closed the right way.

The finished product:

The reason I have had to cover and recover Ezra so much every night is because our heater has not been working very well for the past 8 months or so. It works, but it won't light unless you get up (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. MULTIPLE TIMES.) and flip the thermostat on and off a few times.

HOWEVER, last week I prayed to God that my heater would stop being a pansy, and the very next night (I kid you not) it started making all these weird noises and it has been working 100% perfectly ever since then.

I have the gift of healing.

(But only for heater units.)

Thank you Jesus.


Scott and Lorie said...

Your hubby is uber talented. That road board thing is a piece of art!

Ashley Forrette said...

I totally had a teen line, I think it was my pager that made me cool though. Your interview outfit is adorable! Looks great with the bangs. It's great to be a girl.

Huckdoll said...

Girl, you should get an interview just for being so darn cute. For reals :)

Burner Baby said...

Emery I'm sorry to hear your furnace is not working so good. If you did not live so far away I would send Shannon's dad over to fix it. They sell new t-stats at Home Depot and a bunch of other stuff for it. Your husband seems pretty handy if you let Shannon know what is going on with we can maybe let him know what to do. And kicking it is not one of them. Stay warm.

R-becca said...

1. I was super cool because of my teen line.

2. Your bangs are beautiful - they totally suit your face.

3. Did you buy an extra bridge for the train set? I don't remember the Golden Gate being there. It looks awesome.

4. Thank God for your power over machinery.

Hunny Bee May said...

I like the bangs and the outfit. Should make for excellent interview-style WHEN you get your interview (not IF).

Your train set up is so great. Ours lasts about two days before it's torn apart. I admire any two-year old who doesn't destroy something like that within 24 hours of having it put together.

Have a great week!

Jessica (Sutherland) Mapa said...

The gift of healing! O goodness! Laughing out loud!

Misguided Mommy said...

are you moderating now because this is the third comment i have sent that isn't showing up

Misguided Mommy said...

dang it!

okay so burner baby is my mom. sigh. if your furnace is shot she said she will sell you a new furnace at our discounted cost instead of you paying someone their mark up price there. anyway if your interested we can get you one and then your parents can bring it to you in a little mini visit or something.

Kerry said...

Like the bangs. I keep debating on whether or not to get them.

On the train table, did you make your own or just redo the top? We have one but my son has ripped off the layer on top.

Sarah said...

your bangs look really good!
and i had a teen line...but the best part was that...

chris said...


I too rocked the Neon See Through Phone on my teen line! It pretty much told everyone who saw it that I was one bad ass 15 year old. Do you remember how you could silence the ringer so it would only light up at night? That way you wouldn't loose your phone for talking to late.

Ah good times.....

or not....really...

Talia said...

those bangs are perfect for you. Seriously, so cute.

secret agent mama said...

I was gonna say, can you pray for my knee, but then you said it only works on heating units. Geez. Way to let my hopes down gently, MRE.

Great looking bangs. Banging good look you got in that outfit, too!

Tara Jones said...

my best friend's little boy got that exact same train set and let me tell-GOD SEND! he was busy with that thing the ENTIRE TIME we hung out. amazing.