December 20, 2007

Stuffing Stockings and Savoring Snow.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than waking up to this. It's like a postcard outside my window. They are also calling for a possibility of snow on Christmas Eve. (strike up the angelic hallelujah chorus here.)

I went shopping for Ezra's stocking stuffers yesterday. I went to WalMart and found nothing. I went to the dollar store and found nothing. I went to my local grocery store and found TONS OF GOOD STUFF in the little toy isle. I also picked up a couple things at Target.

I thought I'd post what I got for him, in case any of you haven't done stocking stuff yet and could use some ideas. (Also, I have nothing else to post about. heh.)

As far as I know, Ezra doesn't read this blog, so I think I'm going to be safe here.

I got this shirt and these slippers at Target.

I got this sticker book, this car toothbrush, and this cute little Ratatouille bottle from the grocery store.

An airplane launcher, a mini pull-back car, and a bag of marbles for his marble track toy.

Judge me if you will, but Ezra asks me for a 'house toy' every time we go to the store. He has always loved to play with the doll houses at his (GIRL) friend's houses, as well as the little toy kitchens, so when I saw this mini 'Hello Ktty' doll house I just couldn't resist. It is the pink-est thing I have ever seen in my life, (it gives me a bit of a pink headache), but I suspect he will like it very much.

This is the first time I've done a stocking for Ezra, and it was really fun! I will probably also get some raisins and oranges and candy canes to stick in there too, if I can get to the store before Christmas Eve.

What are your kid's stockings stuffed with each year? Anything unusual or practical or special or creative?


Scott and Lorie said...

I feel lame doing a stocking for Henry since he's like oh 3 months old! =) But I bought him the cutest DVD ever, maybe Ezra has seen it. Everone's Hero. I got it for $5 at Target. I might put some socks in there to.

Scott's mom always put new toothbrushes in stockings growing up. To this day she buys all her kids a new toothbrush for christmas. Mom's, got to love em.

Dave said...

Did you make sure to check all those toys for Lead dear sister. I'm sure most came from china. :) You could always put some more play-doh in ezra's stocking I am sure he would love that also.

Talia said...

How fun!! Those are all really cute ideas. I think it's great that you bought him a Hello Kitty house. :) He must have a really big stocking!! hehe
I like to put crafty things in my girls' stocking. For example, this year they are getting an ice-cream-cone-shaped thing of big fat beads that they can string on yarn to make necklaces. I also love to put old-fashioned things in their stockings (probaby because stockings seem like such a deliciously old-fashioned tradition). This year, I found the CUTEST wooden-handled jump ropes in the Target dollar section. They're a little young for real jump-roping, but I think they'll love 'em anyways. :)

Ashley Forrette said...

How sweet! I have the best memories of waking up early on Christmas to open my gifts. I’d ALWAYS go for the stalking first! I love those slippers. I’m hoping to see a photo of someone very cute in them in the near future.

Amy said...

Great stuff! My daughter is easy. She's 18.5 years old so lots of small things are perfect and fit nicely (expensive however): jewelry, gift cards, make-up items.

All kids get their favorite candy and an orange (Why the oranges I wonder? I feel like that should always be part of it but I don't know where that came from.)

My little guy likes small planes and cars, bubbles, any small plastic sea life. This year I also got him a jump rope, a slinky, and a chocolate frog.

Baby boy gets a bath book and a giggle ball.

Liz said...

We went a tad overboard on our little boy's stocking this year. He's getting maracas, three little bath fish, two cars (big, soft plastic cars as he is onlly 14 months), a little mole stuffed animal that is about four inches high, the new Chris Brown CD, a snowglobe bouncy ball (which is the coolest thing I have ever seen), and a stuffed bear.

My husband and I do stockings for each other and I absolutely love putting his together. It's almost more fun than buying him actual gifts. :P

Misguided Mommy said...

this year brandons stocking will have,
hersheys kisses
cheetos (i'm so lame)
and a crayola digital camera
some santa chocolates

Misguided Mommy said...

i also get us each a pair of cute new jammies and then we open them up on christmas eve so that christmas morning we can all wear our cute new jammies and look super cute for pictures...yeah i also pick out my own but whatever

Maggie said...

since my santa growing up always did stockings + one gift that didn't fit in the stocking, we're going to do that too. we got liam some playdoh, a little wooden train, a tiny stuffed cat, some burt's bees powder (we always got bath stuff), a book and a little basketball with a net that hooks onto the back of a chair. of course, we'll add an orange (why?)and some chocolates. his big santa gift is his first tricycle!
i love that you got ezra a dollhouse! liam has a kitchen and he LOVES it.

Amy said...

Nothing unusual, practical, special, or creative for Silas' stocking....I am not even doing a stocking...I haven't felt badly about this until I saw all the cute things you have for Ezra's stocking! I am pretty sure grandma here in Iowa is giving Silas a stocking...I will need to start that tradition next year. Umm..I LOVE waking up to snow and white beauty also! We just got 6ish more inches of snow here in Iowa-land. It is fluffy white beauty goodness. Merry Christmas!

Cam said...

Hot Wheels! A few cool hot wheels are always a hit in G's stocking.
Plus- silly putty, candy canes, and spongebob candy.

Last year I put in hot wheels, candy canes, and a small set of maracas.

Cheatwoods said...

little toy cars, a batton, some playdough, bubbles, some dinnos, fun boy stuff!

Gracie said...

im so jealous of your snowy life

jenny moon said...

i always put a stuffed animal peeking out of the top of zoe's stocking...