December 10, 2007

Not A Creature Was Stirring....

Before I say a single thing about the wonderfulness that was my weekend or the mouse that is about 10 feet away from me right at this very moment, waiting to pounce upon my face (I just know it), I want to say a huge THANK YOU to those of you who were kind enough to comment on my last 'I So Crazy And Now You All Know It' post. Your words of understanding and support were SO helpful to me. They caused me to take a deep breath and know that the world wasn't REALLY ending like I had thought, there was just a little pee spot on the carpet and my son was totally normal. I'm totally calm and cool about the whole thing now, and Ezra is still using the potty mostly. He even went poo again today and got himself a balloon for the effort.

Things are looking up.

We went and cut a tree yesterday with my parents and Chris' sister and her husband. It is now my most favorite memory, fresh as it may be, because it was just so fun and nostalgic and wonderful. PERFECT. I cannot even tell you how much fun I had. The designated cutting area was only a couple of miles from my parent's house, and part of the fun was the adventure of driving up dirt roads on the fresh blanket of snow that had fallen the day before. Here are some photos:

MoMar & Ezra.
Uhh....You guys got a permit for all that CUTE?

It was in there somewhere.


Tree Hunters. Tonight at 8 on the Discovery Chanel.
(Don't worry, we trimmed it down a bit.)

MoMar brought hot cocoa.

We had a toast back at the truck.

Ezra decided to name the tree "Fruit Snacks".
Why the heck not?

Today was spent getting out all the Christmas decorations and decorating the house and tree. We listened to Christmas music (go download Over The Rhine's Christmas Album 'Snow Angels' right now now NOW!) and we drank eggnog and had the most wonderful day. To top it off, we watched 'Christmas Vacation' and I laughed so hard at the sledding scene (the one where he takes off like a rocket and ends up forever later in the Walmart parking lot) that I almost cried. AGAIN.


The sky outside while decorating.

Handsome husband.

Finished Product.

As for the aforementioned mouse, it is hanging out in the living room with us- darting back under the TV stand whenever Chris makes a movement while playing Zelda on the Wii. We're tucked up on the couches- feet off of the floor. I know I should hate this little mouse, but he's just too cute and I instead find myself loving him.

Me, hubby, and a witty bitty mouse... chillaxin' on a Sunday night together.

How quaint.


Amy said...

You are in a beautiful place, in more than a few ways.


Maggie said...

is it wrong that i'm totally jealous of your lovely weekend? it sounds just perfect (except for the mouse). i hope every weekend you're there is just as good!

Anonymous said...

over the rhine is great!
thank you so much

Ashley Forrette said...

the Fruit Snacks photo is the most adorable thing ever.

Miss said...

A little jealous over here too! Glad the weekend treated you all so well!

Morgan said...

I'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying Over the Rhine... so amazing!

Not So Perfect said...

Emery it sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. We did the same thing this past week-end and I used the same words to describe it PERFECT. Beautiful pictures. I love how high the ceilings are and your tree is just PERFECT.

As for the mouse I would probably find myself feeling the same way.

nashoe said...

Hey Emery,
Awesome to hear you're having such a great time. We need to get a tree...maybe next year.

kachina said...

I've never seen a Christmas Tree like that!!!!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!! I'm in PA where the trees are more full but that tree is so AWESOME! : )

I'm going to check out that band now...your fam. is precious! <3

anna joy said...

omg lucky. that sounds like my dream weekend!! instead I sit in an office running someones online store in newbury park where its 85 degrees. buh. anywaysssss, so glad you and ezra are doing better with the potty stuff! I'm kind of creeped out about the mouse but i know what you mean. Taylor rescued a tiny itty bitty baby mouse out of his jacuzzi a while back and wanted to keep it. Anyways, merry christmas enough with my long comment.

Lainey-Paney said...

1. Love your tree. Your whole day looks picture perfect.
2. I am officially stealing your word: chillaxin'. That is awesome to the max. Don't worry---I'll give you credit.
3. Potty training is the pits.
4. I feel bad about getting rid of insects & rodents too. We had a possum for a while....I could not bring myself to do anything evil to him. I figured he had a mama somewhere who would miss him.