November 27, 2007

I'm About to Tid Bit you to Death.

I received this message on my music page a few days ago.

"I think I went to High School with you. Anyway, you have a beautiful child, aweseme clothing line, but my god you have one of the worst voices I have ever heard on a woman. I think you are tone deaf Emery, you should get that checked. You sound like a deep voiced man with a cracky off toned voice." =(

I had to laugh, because... really? Who prefaces insults with compliments?

She does, that's who!

That would be like me walking up to you and saying,

"Hi! You've got really lovely hair! And, oh! What beautiful eyes you have! And also? You are the most stupidest stupid-head in the whole wide universe." FROWNY FACE.

Possibly the nicest hate mail I've ever received.



The other day I went shoe shopping with my sister-in-law, Candace, and I just have to say... I really like her. A whole lot.

Isn't she cuuuute?


Ezra recently got to play with some of his cousins, and he had such a good time I thought his head was going to implode from the sheer joy of it all. He hasn't had a whole lot of kid interaction since we've been in Reno, so he drank up every last drop of it and then promptly passed out in the car on the way home.

Poor little guy. Lately, when I take him to Barnes & Noble or to the park, he immediately latches on to any other kid in sight and follows them around screaming, "FWIENDS!!"

He appears desperate, like a barnacle. A really really really cute barnacle.


Last night I got to meet up with an old cheerleading coach of mine who has been reading along here on this blog for awhile. Her name is Maggie and she is so amazing and adorable that I wanted to put her and her son in my pocket and run away with them for ever and ever and ever. Her son is one year younger than Ezra, and they played at Starbucks together while Maggie and I caught up on life. She and her hubby live in Nashville. So... I figure... What with Flo moving there in January and all, I think a trip is in order for us in the near future? Eh? Eh? Nude nudge wink wink? Wee!


This is a picture of Ezra playing with his Uncle Jared, my oldest brother. He's a civil engineer. My mom keeps telling me how Ezra reminds her so much of Jared when he was a toddler. Ezra is fascinated by "doo-hickies". Things that move and operate and can be manipulated. Mechanical things that have purpose and function. Like this little tractor set, for example. He uses the claws to pick up the little logs and then drives them over to a designated area and drops them off and does it all over again and again until you start to wonder if anything has ever been repeated that much in the history of the world.

It is so awesome to see these two together. I can really see a lot of similarities in them- even though Ezra is only two. Isn't it amazing how much personality can be contained in such little toddler bodies? I want to nurture the strengths I see in my son, and I think that, over the years, Jared will be able to help me do that for Ezra.

This is just one more reason that family/friends are so amazing. My son will benefit SO much from the strengths of the people around him- strengths that I may not be able to provide all on my own. It makes me feel like I've got a big fat safety net underneath me, and that right there has got to be the greatest feeling in the world for me.

I'm sure any mother could agree.


Flo Oakes said...

Whaaaaaaa??? That email is the craziest thing ever. Some people are sooo weird..a man?? I don't even know...

Anyway, oh my gosh, YES..You will HAVE to come to Nashville, and you WILL stay with us and you MUST play a show with me.

Awesomely fun it shall be.

Momar said...

Since we all think you sing marvelously, then could it be her ears don't work right? Poor thing.

randomdtd said...

Aren't you glad Al Gore invented the internet so people like your new friend have a way to spread their unsolicited opinions to the masses? Yay for technology!

ElizabethSheryl said...

People are so odd. I think you have a lovely voice.

anna joy said...

you are amazing, your voice included. sounds like someones a little jeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllousssssssssssssss, hmmmmmm?

okie joel said...

oh, i've gotten those emails before. i got super bummed the first time it happened... i think you've got one of the best voices around. seriously.

miss you guys! oklahoma sends its greetings. not the same w/o you here.

Andrea June said...

Omg...don't listen to her, Emery. You have a BEAUTIFUL voice, and I think that SHE must be tone deaf!

You are fabulousness from head to toe, and don't you forget it!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Oh my Goodness, how dare that person. You know what, though? It's jealousy. PURE JEALOUSY!

I love you and your voice. The cute kid and clothing like are a plus! LOL

I'm glad you are enjoying your time in Reno.

Court said...

Wow. Funny "hate" mail. Although I don't understand it AT ALL!

You're going to think I'm weird, but every time I saw that Old Navy sweater commercial w/ the song by Ingrid Michaelson (The Way I Am) I thought of you! I think the way she sings, "If you are chilly, here take my sweater..." sounds just like your voice. Do you think it's weird, stalkerish for someone you've NEVER MET to think of you when they hear a commercial?!

Anyhoo...I think your voice is great!

Hunny Bee May said...

My husband is a civil engineer and my mother in law says the same thing about our son being so mechanically-minded. Those grandmas could be on to something. your little guy looks so cute trying to figure out that tractor! I love little boys!

Brother-in-law Dave said...

I cannot believe no one has said anything about that incredibly handsome man standing in that picture with your sister.

Actually that is not a very good picture of me.

R-becca Loesch said...

Who honestly had the gall to say that? "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Wasn't that the Galena High School motto? lame-o.

Keep singing...and showing us pictures!

Talia said...

I like reading your tid-bits! You present them in such a delightful and entertaining manner. :)
I had to laugh at your first tid-bit (even thought I felt bad someone insulted you). It was just such a ridiculous thing for someone to say. And you're right, what a way to say it!
Also, I couldn't help but smile at the image of your son following random kids around yelling "fwiends"! Too cute.

Maggie said...

Hanging out with you and Ezra was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Thank you! I hope you can visit Nashville soon. (Liam misses his FWIEND!)
I cannot believe your hate mail! What the heck kind of school did we go to? She's obviously jealous (and tone deaf) because you're AWESOME!

Stephanie said...

Wow, that girl isn't that nice.

Anonymous said...

Stick it to'em Emery. I could fall asleep to your voice it is so beautiful.

Cheatwoods said...

i would have to say that it is a strange thing that that person thinks your voice is bad, and even more Im thinking that they dont becuase normally people wouldnt tell someone the truth in that instence!
BTW you should check out my poem I wrote my Dad, you could take some lessons! LOL

Brittany said...

Holy mean person! It's just jealous. It probably can't sing.