November 26, 2007

Goodbye Oregon.

Wow. Muy mucho crazy busy past few days. (As I'm sure it has been for all of us!)

We left Oregon a day early to drive back to Reno so Chris could see his Uncle Jerry who was in town briefly. Oregon was amazing and it was so hard to leave. Here are some pictures of our last couple of days there:

We are back home now and recovering from excessive amounts of traveling and eating. (Not the best combo, let me tell you.)

I am officially NOT pregnant, although I spent about five days convincing myself otherwise. When I found out that I wasn't, I almost cried. And then I felt reeeaaally bummed out for a few days after that. Hmmm. Very interesting. Suddenly I'm convinced that I want to have a little girl and name her Darby. But then, only moments later, Ezra is zapping all of my sanity away again and I'm content to wait another year or two or infinity to have another kid. What a roller coaster!

Today I plan to lay around and watch cartoons with Ezra. I also plan to eat less, but that is already not looking too promising. heh.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. This year, I am thankful for life. And also the possibility of future life as well.


dawn224 said...

I love the photo of Ezra by his name :)

I always think trying for a girl is a great idea till Alex acts like a ... real kid and I think "am I nuts?"

Cheatwoods said...

Two kids are such a blessing. Im excitted for you to have another, when you are ready of course!

Andrea June said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had such fun. Have fun with the cartoons...I'm currently holed up with some Grey's Anatomy in protest of the three term papers looming over my head....

Danae said...

That second kid is perplexing, isn't it? You want it, then you don't. Then you REALLY want it, then you REALLY don't. I'm on that same roller coaster.
I know in the big picture life will be fuller (and better) with another one, but it's the day to day grind that makes you wonder (for example, today Ethan didn't take his nap--please someone shoot me).

okie joel said...

loved the pics, friend... miss you guys!! denver airport sends its greetings.

piper of love said...

Breathtaking photos Emery!

I'm glad you are having such a great time.