November 19, 2007

I'll Have the Non-Smoking House Please.

A couple of days ago, Chris and I drove up to my parent's house and when we got out of the car (which is now back from the shop-yippie!) we could smell smoke in the air.

My parents live in a very fire-prone area at the base of the mountains, right below the forest line. Fire is a very real concern for them. So, when Chris and I smelled smoke, we grabbed Ezra and started looking all around the house to see where the smoke was coming from.

It was coming from behind one of the foothills to the South- just West of Washoe Lake. It wasn't super thick, and there wasn't any major plume of smoke- so we thought it was probably a controlled burn. Still, we kept our eye on the smoke and scanned the news for any word.

I was nervous because it was a really windy day, and, well- fire and wind don't make the best combo.

It turned out to just be a small fire- probably a controlled brush fire- and by the evening the smoke had cleared. I was very relieved. It reminded me of times that fire had come all too close before... We had some very close calls in the house I grew up in. I found some pictures of the fires from the more recent years, and it made me that much more thankful that this particular fire didn't get out of hand.

These are from 2001:

And these are from 2006:

Yowzers. Thank you Jesus for airplanes and red goo.


Chris and I are heading up to the Oregon Coast for Thanksgiving with my mom and dad and brothers and my sister-in-law. We leave on Wednesday. We've rented a beach house up there and I am so so so so thrilled and excited to get to spend some quality time with them. My brother Jared won't be here for Christmas (he'll be taking a much deserved vacation to New Zealand), so I am glad to get to spend this holiday with him and his wife. They are so dang cool.

This trip means so very much to me.

My family is not a large one. Apart from my brothers and parents, I have one aunt and two cousins. That's pretty much all that is left of my directly related relatives. So, family time is very precious and important to me. Also, I can't wait to see the beautiful coast of Oregon again after all of these years. I plan to dig my toes into some sand and eat a whole lot of Turkey with cranberry sauce.

Did I mention I was excited? And this is very important to me? Yes. Okay. Moving on.


In other news, I have been waking up every morning and eating ridiculous things that would have never sounded good before, but suddenly sound wonderful now. AT 9:00 IN THE MORNING. Here's a list of things I've eaten FOR BREAKFAST the last few days:

Enchiladas with Spanish Rice.
Top Ramen. (Beef flavored)
Two corndogs with ketchup.
And, today? A big fat Port Of Subs Sandwich.

WHAT THE HECK? I don't even usually eat breakfast.

I'm going to weigh a billion pounds soon if I keep this up.


Cheatwoods said...


R-becca said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to eat Port of Subs again! A couple months ago I found out there is a Port of Subs in Oceanside, so I made Randy drive me down there on a Saturday, and traffic was horrible, and it took us an hour to find it after getting off the freeway. Total time spent going to and from Port of Subs: 3.5 hours...maybe more. But, was good.

Have fun in Oregon.

Anne said...

I was thinking the same thing as Jessica. Is there something you need to tell us? :-)

Tara Jones said...

well, i guess i'm not the first to ask this: you pregnant?

i'm really really excited about t-day, too! my parents are coming all the way down to SB to spend Thanksgiving with just me at Disneyland! (and my cool friend Andrea). But I'm just so excited to have a day with them when none of us is working and on our cell phones, laptops, palm pilots, blackberries, etc 24/7. yay for not working for a whole day!

Kerry said...

Agree w/ the others....pregnant?

Scott and Lorie said...

I guess I don't have to even ask since everyone else has....

Emery Jo said...

Oh dear Lord. I don't know if I am pregnant or not. I don't think so... I'm pretty sure that I am just heinously overeating?


Andrea June said...

So first reaction was the same as everyone else's.
Have fun in Oregon! I've heard the coastline there is amazing :)

Cheatwoods said...

go take a test!!

sufferingsummer said...

ok so all the ladies said it but I have to tell you, even my husband who was reading over my shoulder when I opened your blog said..."you never told me she was gotta do a better job of keeping me up on all your bloggy friends"
I laughed out loud both at the 'bloggy friends' comment and because I was thinking it too and had to set him straight:)

Jeninacide said...

Three things:


2. YAY OREGON COAST! HAVE FUN!! It's so beautiful there!

3. OMG you dont KNOW if you are preggo or not?! SO there is a CHANCE! OMG! :-D

Cameron Ingalls said...


i'm in Bend, Oregon right now.... You guys should weave your way back here on the trip home so that we can hang out! The Roberts would love to see you!!!

Sarah said...

You must take a preggo test...pronto. I think that is a definite possibility. Oooh!! How fun!! and also, be on the lookout for a heightened sense of smell..definite preggo warning sign.

Debra K said...

husband and i love Cannon Beach, OR, they have the best Pizza shop in the whole world there.