November 14, 2007

Clown Food.

Chris and I stumbled upon the MOST VINTAGE mcdonald's ever up in Tahoe the other day. I walked in and suddenly felt transported to my own childhood.

Real glass light fixtures- some with all the creepy mcd characters on them!

There were hand painted MURALS on the walls. They portrayed Ronald enjoying the pleasures of the Tahoe area. (No murals of him gambling at the casinos, though.) Also, how sick nasty is Grimace the purple blob? I imagine he would have very bad breath. And he's groping the clown.

Oh, how I remember these highchairs. I think I recall having races in these with my brothers. So oldschool.

My boys enjoying the sights. (but not so much the food.)

PS. McDonalds is gross.


Tiff said...

I hate McDonald's food, its SO nasty! Its crazy that you came across those old school high chairs though, Seems like a highchair with those kinds of wheels would be dangerous! LOL

Scooby said...

YES!!! I thought this kind of McDonald's went out 20 years ago. It makes my heart glad to know that somewhere out there, children get to enjoy the brown high chairs I remember so fondly.

Tara Jones said...

woah! total blast from the past for sure! it almost makes me want warm McD french fries. almost.

skylana said...

hahahahah ok so i eat healthy, ALL the time, sometimes i have what i think is super bad and i say i feel like i'm eating so not healthy and seth's like "the worst thing you eat is ice cream thats made from real cream and sugar..." EXCEPT every once in a while i have what i like to call an "accident" where i go to mcdonalds.. yikes and get a two cheeseburger meal with no meat and no pickles... and since i never ever ever have white bread or fake cheese or ketchup or even yellow mustard... it tastes soooo deliciously sinful. and then i feel like crap afterwards. i had an accident yesterday.

Misguided Mommy said...

i like mcdonalds salads, but usally i only go there for m&m mcflurrys...yes please

Anonymous said...

I thought the PS was hilarious.