October 2, 2007

Operation: Grow Hair!
(Plus 8 Random Facts.)

Here's a quick Operation: Grow Hair! update...

It started out this short ten months ago:

...and now:
It's getting loooong. I like to shrug my shoulders up to my ears and then splay my hair across them while pretending that it is actually long enough to do that without making myself look like Igor.


In other news, I've been tagged. (Thanks, Jen!) I must now confess 8 things about myself that you guys probably don't already know. Hmmmm.

one. I was a gymnast for a whole lot of years. No one bothered to tell me I was too tall and lanky for the sport- I had to figure that out on my own after many many years of wondering why I sucked at it. When I started to compete, I had two coaches from Russia that could have scared the stink off of poo. I can still tumble and do flips.

two. I gave up drinking soda about a month ago. Since then, I feel like my taste buds have come back to life. I tried to drink a diet coke the other day and had to pour most of it out because it tasted like sugar and syrup. Wait... That's because it IS sugar and syrup!

three. I have bad skin. (Thank God for Photoshop.)

four. I spent my entire Junior year of High School writing my name like this: MRE. Get it? MRE? Emery? I even started writing it like that on my school papers. You know, to save time. I was am such a dork.

five. I love God more than I love my husband.

six. I have been known to film and edit wedding videos.

I'm scared of having another baby partly because Ezra has been a REALLY easy kid and people always say that your second child is the polar opposite of your first child.

eight. Is my favorite number of all time.


elixir said...
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elixir said...

Meg told me to read your blogs so I have been. 3,5,7,and 8 are all true for me too! Except that I went ahead and had the second child, and he is EASIER than my first easy child. Have no fear.

Chris said...

Your hair is looking good :).

My first two are polar opposits but it is a good thing. My second child is SO much easier. All my kids are different.

Tara Jones said...

you got tagged?
you're so lucky.

sufferingsummer said...

umm we have even more in common than I thought...first with the hair thing...I do the same shoulder pretend my hair is oh so long shrug except now my hair is catching up and I don't have to shrug so high. Also #1 (except I'm short and stout and probably would have followed my crazyass russian coaches advice if I hadn't gotten so injured)#5 & #7 too...oops hope I don't go crazy~
You are lovely.

r-becca said...

I also have been growing out flowing locks of hair. I'll post Denver pictures soon.

MRE - brilliant. I believe I remember seeing student govt. campaign signs with those letters.

Lainey-Paney said...

when i wanted my hair to be longer, I'd throw my head waaaaaaaaaay back, and brush my hair while it dangled down on my back, making me feel like it was longer.

I understand your shoulder-hunching-Igor move. My mind works the same way.

Misguided Mommy said...

Oh gosh when I first logged on and saw your before picture i hadn't read yet that it was a before picture, and i thought you cut your hair. i almost cried! Phew thank gosh I scrolled down huh.

i so totally remember MRE because then emily rhyme started doing MLE...we were all so very very dorky in school!

Rimarama said...

I was a gymnast, too! (I'm short and, back in the day, I was thin and perky). Oh, how I adored that Mary Lou Retton.

hope and jojos mom said...

oh dont be scared of the two kid thing...it was soooo much better the second time around - and we werent afraid of taking the baby home.
yeeaa im back reading your blog again..its been way to long!

CableGirl said...

I get frustrated and cut all my hair off at least once every few years. The last time I did it it was as short as your 10 months ago shot. I haven't had a haircut in... let's see now.... 3 years? I'm loving the growth, but I know that I'll end up shaving it off again sometime soon. (if only to prevent myself from ripping it out. lol)

ali said...

that's funny because someone just told my daughter that she can spell her name MLE...emily....and she's now obsessed with that!

Kerry said...

I was afraid that my 2nd would be difficult because my 1st was so laid back. But to my surprise the 2nd has been an even BETTER baby than his older brother. Now I'm scared to have a third...how can we get one even better? :)

Jeninacide said...

Ok do you really photoshop yourself? Why hadn't III thought of that?!?

Hunny Bee May said...

I admire your hair-growing endeavor. I'm not alone! Except I'm cutting mine Saturday. I have surrendered to siren song of the scissors and I can't wait. I just hope it's as good as I imagine it will be. Not the haircut, just the feeling of getting it cut. Know what I mean? But don't cut yours! You look adorable and pretty! Keep growing! You can do it!

Secret Agent Mama said...

I'm with you in Operation Grow Hair.. I had long hair, cut it, cut it again, and now I'm growing it again.

If MRE is a dork, I like dorks!

Maggie said...

i'm also afraid of a 2nd baby because i can't imagine i'd be lucky enough to get another one as awesome as liam. i feel hopeful after reading all these other comments though!

Anonymous said...

i love that you admit that you're a dork and admit the things that are not perfect about yourself. like your skin. we all have faults and things we feel insecure about. I'm great about head shots, but I think that I have too many extra pounds.

I love God more than my husband too. That made me smile. Most people would think that as a bad thing, but its the best thing you said.

I don't have any kids but my sister does. She's babysitting for a newborn who just cries all of the time. My nephew was so good and my sister is really getting a taste of having a not so easy baby. Never heard of the 2nd being hard just because its the 2nd though. Although my sister was the 2nd and I know i was a MUCH better baby. :)