October 24, 2007

Little Giraffe Shaped.

A conversation with Ezra at the bookstore:

"What is your favorite color?"


"Favorite song?"

"Happy Birfday!"

"Favorite Sesame Street character?"


"Favorite Choo-choo Train?"


Favorite Bob the Builder truck?"


"Favorite animal?"


"Favorite shape?"

"Little giraffe!"

"Uh... yeah, ok! What's your favorite food?"


"Huh? Maybe cake? Birthday cake?"


"What's your favorite drink?"



Other bookstore phenomenons:

  • Every time we go to Barnes & Noble, Ezra runs up to the train table and immediately has to poop. Whaaa? It's sort of like how I instantly feel like I have to pee every time I go into a dressing room at Ross. Did I say that out loud just now?
  • The train table had been getting worse and worse at the B&N by our house-- they were down to two crappy beat up caboose trains and no engines. The bridges were busted and had turned into sharp little toddler-arm traps. The table itself looked like it had been covered in syrup and then rolled around in the dirt. And Ezra was quickly losing interest.
But, the Holidays must be coming because today there was a BRAND NEW train table and alllll new toys on it! Shiny toys! Bright, lead-free toys! And Ezra sat and played at that table for almost two hours. His favorite?

Cranky. He was mesmerized.

It made me want to buy him everything on the table. (Brilliant marketing.) Of course, we'd have to sell the house to make that happen, but hey! Two hours of uninterrupted play time? I feel like it might be worth it!

A (non-bookstore related) momentous occasion that occurred today:

I switched the thermostat from COOL to HEAT.

I am officially a happy woman.


I will post more about yesterday's funk later.
(Um, maybe. If I can think of a way to make it sound even slightly interesting.)



bravenec said...

Your son is so adorable. A Giraffe is a great shape and very unique! I have pee triggers too. I have to pee about ten times before going to bed. Even thinking about peeing makes me have to pee. It's worse after having kids too. It's strange how things trigger pee or poop! The Thomas the Train toys are very alluring and I always wish I could buy them all too...maybe we can start with one at a time...like buying a latte every so often at Starbucks.

piper of love said...

LOL, seriously, you are fabulous...funkdified or not!

an old boyfriend of mine used to say that I "meeped" instead of laughing. it was funny to see that.

good luck not caving to the entire Thomas the train stock...marketing genius for sure!

Amy said...

Ezra is so sweet I would name my next baby Ezra if I thought he'd be a clone!

Talia said...

I wasn't going to comment this time, on peril of you thinking me obsessed with your blog, but this totally merits a comment:
I have the exact same green pillows as you!!! Ross Dress for Less, yes? :)

R-becca said...

Emery - do I have a story for you about the body's release...I'm not sure if I want to let your entire readership know...so I will email it to you.

I'll see you at CHRISTMAS!!

Anonymous said...

Your boys eyelashes are A.MAZ.ING!!!

lifeinsuburbia said...

I bought my son the Cranky the Crane. It was from 'Santa'. It was well worth the money, we're going on two years worth of play on it!t

anna joy said...

omg ezra is perfect. so flippin adorable

Anonymous said...

at first i thought you were saying that ezra was cranky and mesmerized by the toys but then i turned my brain on

Scooby said...

I think Ezra and I have the B&N trigger in common. Did I just write that?

MaryBeth said...

Yep train tables are wonderful. My husband and I were at a canadian version of B & N and spent way more time than I am going to admit too, completely mesmorized by the train table.

Anna Ingalls said...

I LOVE that he is sleeing with the Woody doll! It makes me happy.