October 29, 2007

Always Greener.

After a very long and rough week, Chris and I finally had a breakthrough. Things had gotten so bad that we were barely even speaking a couple of days ago. It wasn't from anything major- just little things piling up and not being talked about. And then yesterday we talked about why we were both feeling so upset, and the sun came out again. After we talked, I plopped down on our bed and cried my face off. Because holding all of that agony and stress inside had taken its toll on me and apparently I needed to cry it all out of my system. To wash it away. It felt so good.

Last night we had friends over for dinner, and just before they were meant to arrive I decided it would be a good time to screw with the big hanging light that is over the dining room table. As I was doing this, one of the glass fixtures fell onto the table and shattered all over the plates and floor and kitchen and living room and world and universe. The fixture actually fell right onto one of our drinking glasses that was on the table and shattered that, too. All of this glass broke into minuscule pieces and was projected into the air and Ezra was standing right next to my chair when it happened.

He started to cry and grabbed his mouth and I was SURE that he had gotten hurt, but it turns out it had just scared him and somehow the glass shards that were thrown all over the room had completely missed every inch of his body.

Miracle? YES. Absolutely. No doubt in my mind.

I mean, I had tiny glass shards that managed to hit my legs THROUGH my jeans. And Ezra's little head was just about even with the height of the table and ohmygod it could have been so very, very bad. Thank you thank you thank you thank you God for invisible shields and happy Ezra smiles.

As our guests arrived, Chris and I were attempting to clean up the disaster area and re-set the table while keeping Ezra on the confines of the couch somehow. I was sure it was the worst thing that could have happened, but then Chris reminded me that the food could have been on the table, too, and we could have been forced to do a pizza run and throw out our yummy glass-infused tacos. After he said that, I went from feeling defeated to feeling grateful and I was reminded as to why Chris is so very good to have around.

He always makes the grass greener on OUR side.

And for a fence hopper like me, there is nothing more beautiful or more grounding than that.


Kerry said...

Good thought to remember...the grass is greener on our side with Christ.

Glad Ezra was ok. Awesome how God protects our little ones. I just had a situation with my youngest which could have been really bad. He was just fine.

Tara Jones said...

I was just thinking that very same thing: "Good thing it didn't land in your food!"
Yay for greener grass!

kachina said...

Woot for no glass in the food!
: )

btw i tagged you in my blog. <3

anna joy said...

aw, i'm in love with your love.

Jeninacide said...

Way to look on the bright side! Sometimes all you really need is a good cry! I take advantage every once in a while myself! Like yesterday, with the Cream of Wheat... ; )

Emma Sometimes said...

oh, wow. that is incredible. That is amazing grace that no one was hurt..and no tacos were harmed in the process.

dawn224 said...

no one ever told us how hard it was all going to be...

Secret Agent Mama said...

I'm so glad that Ezra was not touched by any shards of glass. That's a special boy, I reckon!