September 11, 2007

Something is in the Air.

I stepped outside today and felt something really strange. It was a sensation that I have not had in a long time, so I was completely taken aback by it.

I felt a COOL, DRY (!) breeze gently blowing against my skin. And I felt cold.

Fall showed up today. And I pray that it stays for a long, long while. Instantly after stepping outside today, I had a strong urge to go buy a pumpkin. And drink apple cider. As a compromise, I brought out my Body Shop Cranberry Home Fragrance Oil, and heated some up so my house would smell like Fall incarnate. I opened windows. And, my neighbor and I grabbed the kiddos and headed to the park down the street where Ezra displayed his mad skillz by repeatedly going down the slide with his eyes closed. What pizazz!

I feel so happy today, because I know that an end to the humid, heat-soaked days is in my sights...


Last night, after Ezra went to bed, Chris and I started working on background vocals for Joel's latest album that they just recorded in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. We decided that the occasion called for some diva shots.

We were convinced of our hilarity. Absolutely CONVINCED. Although, now, looking back after a good night's sleep, perhaps we were mistaken?


In other news, I finally spent my online Target gift card that my brother and his wife got me for my 25th b-day. I got these two things:

A chocolate brown duvet cover, and a pair of shoes.

I am so excited to get them in the mail. And, can I just say, I have NO idea what has come over me lately as far as shoes are concerned? I have NEVER EVER EVER been a "shoe girl". The extent of my interest in shoes used to be that I would replace my cheapy flipflops with another pair of cheapy flipflops after they disintegrated off of my feet. I never cared much about shoes. So, what's with the sudden shoe fascination?! I don't usually have a whole lot of extra cash to actually buy shoes, but I LOVE to look at them and imagine buying them- I love to imagine strutting around town with them hugging my feet.

I feel like I talk about shoes on this blog almost as much as I talk about diet coke. Has it really come to this?

Is this merely a rite of passage that all women must go through in order to reach true adulthood? Is it really true that ALL WOMEN love shoes? I never used to believe it. But now, I'm not so sure.

I never thought I'd say it. But, I love shoes. They make me weak in the knees! (some of the taller varieties, quite literally.)


Court said...

You are NOT mistaken. Those pics are def hilarious! Love the pics of the kiddos too.

Jeninacide said...

Umm I think I really want those shoes now. I guess we DO all love shoes! And candy... I want some candy..

Scott and Lorie said...

Yeah I've never been much of a shoe girl either, but I've been on a totaly shoe kick as well lately.

It must be a phase, a fab-tabulous shoe phase=)

Tara Jones said...

um. i love shoes. i have always loved shoes. and as much as i don't WANT to love shoes....i do. i. can't. help. myself.
p.s. i really want a pair of kickin' wellies from target this year! so fab! (even though we get a collective 2 weeks of rain out here:)