September 12, 2007

Calling All Oklahomans!

Say whaa?!

I just discovered that I've been nominated for 'Best Family Blog' in the 2007 Oklahoma Blog Awards. Woo woo! I'm SO excited!! Thanks to those who nominated me!

So, if you are a blogger and you LIVE in the state of Oklahoma, click here to vote for meeee!!!!

I must confess, however, I don't think I stand a chance.... heh.


Tara Jones said...

um. yeah, okay. sure, the competition is tough. BUT! do they have pictures? uhyeah, no. and do they have a life-changing love story on their blog? i think not. coming straight from a dedicated/addicted reader: you're a shoo-in! (or is it shoe-in?)

kachina said...

I agree with Tara!!! WHO put their entire, breathtaking love story on their blog?!?! The WINNER...that's who. : )

If only I lived in OK.

piper of love said...


you do deserve this and numerous pairs of shoes should be the prize!

how was that for concealing my seething jealousy? j/k

I'm happy happy for you!