September 28, 2007

Random Acts of Babysitting.

A friend of mine called me out of the blue yesterday and asked if she could watch Ezra overnight for us tonight, simply because she knows that we don't have family in town and that Chris and I could probably use a night off.

Needless to say, I fell directly off of my chair and died and then saw the light but then I went to the hospital and they resuscitated me and I came straight back home in order to tell you that I may have screamed "YES!!" very loudly into the phone- prompting an awkward silence as my friend paused to check if her eardrum had, in fact, been ruptured by my outburst of acceptance or not.

Ok, none of that really happened. Except for the part where my friend really did call and ask that. And I really might have screamed a wild "YES!" into the phone in response. What can I say? I am easily excitable. (I am also easily distracted by shiny things, but that's another post entirely.)

This random act of babysitting will now allow me to go and watch my husband's show tonight- a thing that I have not been able to do freely in about 2 years and 8 months. (But who is counting?) He is playing drums for his friend's band and then after that? The night is ours, baby!

Here's the thing, though. What do people even DO after 9PM on a Friday night? I have no clue. I never have had a clue. I met Chris when I was 16. (The whole story? click here.) The "bar scene" is as foreign to me as the River Jordan is wide. And, nightclubs? Talk about intimidating. We tried to go out "dancing" once, but I felt so out-of-place... like I had just walked through the doors holding a baby panda. Who was JUGGLING. With baby kittens. And flaming $100 bills.

It was awkward is all I'm saying.

Chris and I love to dance, and I mean REALLY dance, but we haven't found anyplace that's fun and comfortable apart from friend's weddings. We like to have yummy drinks and talk about life. We enjoy a good smokey treat every now and again. We love to listen to good music... jazz splits us open.

My question: What would YOU do if you had an entire night of freedom handed to you on a platter? I want to make the most of it, but I am completely clueless on how to do that. My 'night life' up until this point has consisted of coffee shops, Target, bookstores, and MY PILLOW. Any advice from the well-versed life-after-dark folks?

omg i think he means it.


Anonymous said...

Um... nope. I go to bed earlier on Fridays. But I can't wait to hear what you decide to do. :)

Rimarama said...

Um, my idea of a wild night out is a kid-free evening at the bookstore. But I hear comedy clubs can be very exciting, and they let you have the occasional smokey treat there, too.

R-becca said...

Do lots of making out. And candy eating. And find a place to play Skee Ball.

(pretty sure I haven't grown up since high school...)

Chris said...

Good for you getting a sitter to volunteer. That NEVER happens to us!

I have know idea what goes on in the rest of the world after 9:00. Whatever you do have fun :).

Andrea June said...

Wow, am I really the only friday-night person posting so far???
I would check out a comedy club or find a place with lots of dancing (ballroom or swing? you can always fake it!).
Yummy drinks are good, too if you can find a fun cocktail bar. Or maybe a slam poetry session? Those are some of the things I do on friday nights in sac.
If all else fails, you can always go to an arcade and test your dance dance revolution skills ;)
Hope this helps!

Pea Pod Mommy said...

Oh to have a night away! Those were the days ~ and I am with you, what do you do? Sleep sounds so good, but can make you feel old! Movie, dancing, pricey dinner?

My friend told me about your blog ~ especially because I'm a born and raised Okie myself! Tulsa ~ but my sis and extended family live in OKC! I look forward to getting some scoop from home.

piper of love said...

I stopped in here just to see if there would be good advice?

I have a babysitter for the first time since February!

Rummage through The Gazette, if you don't'll find something.

We are going to sit at a bar with good salsa, drink 10 margaritas, solve all the worlds problems, and dance in our silly seats...then I'll come home and sleep it off. But, you know, I'm an old's the best I can do.

Go to campus corner if you've never been, it's transcendant.

Kerry said...

We usually are pretty boring and go to dinner and a movie. I just set up a date night babysitting coop with a girlfriend where one night a month she comes and watches my kids so hubs and I can go out and then one night I watch her kids so they can go out. Maybe with advanced planning we'll do something out of the norm!

Candace said...

by now, you are shitfaced and freaky. but I'm home blogging in my bed wishing I were you.
so it's no longer "what should you do" it's now "what would I do" . can we add unlimited funds to the hypothetical question?
dinner,drinks,hotel,hotel sex (quite different than at home sex), expensive hotel pay per view, room service, more you know what, an uninterrupted nights sleep, sleep in, room service, more you know what, a bloody mary and a phone call to friend to beg for another night of freedom!
hope you had fun. I did!

Tawny said...

ROFL! Well, the yummy drinks, a smokey treat and some great jazz would should be a great start. ;-)

My husband and I tried a night out. We actually recieved certificates for a free night at a hotel. Needless to say, we were there for about 5 to 6 hours. We had the drinks, went swimming, and enjoyed all the pleasures of a night off when we found ourselves unable to sleep. We packed it up at 1:00 in the morning and went home!

Hope your night went well and I just love reading your stories. They are so honest and entertaining.

Auntie Candace said...

i got scared for a second....cause I don't remember posting anything.....but then I realized I just might not be the only Candace in the world....I hope your date night wasn't as bad as your next post you guys and miss you.

Hannah said...

May I just say that your entries never fail to make me laugh until my tummy hurts.

(p.s. Anna said I should read your blog, just so that you know I'm not some random creepy cyberspace stalkess or something)

B said...

omgoodness lol my friends need to take lessons from your friends! ha! this whole thing made me laugh.

found you through blogher!