September 7, 2007

My Boy is a Mini-Urb.

Today has been much better than yesterday, thankyoujesusforyouaregood.

It was Co-Op Day, so, happy happy joy joy!! I am in a co-op with a few other moms, and every Friday two of the moms watch all of the kids at someone's house while the other mommies gallavant off through the town. From 9AM to 1PM. That's 4 hours of un-Ezra-fied bliss, people. FOUR HOURS. That's just about enough time to do anything I darn well please!

So, every week (when it's not my turn to stay and watch the kids), I pump myself up about how I'm going to drop Ezra off and then drive straight back home to clean the house from top to bottom. Yet somehow, every week, before I even know what has happened, I find myself standing in a Goodwill, or some other such place of thrifty fabulousness, wandering the isles like a woman with too much free time on her hands. And then, today, after wandering around in a thrift store for a ridiculous amount of time, I drove to Ross and wandered around in there. And then I drove myself over to a bookstore and wandered some more!

It was glorious.

I got absolutely nothing done. I spent a little of my left over birthday money that's been burning a hole in my pocket for two months now. I got Ezra some cute new threads. I picked up a gift for a friend.

I took deep breaths and appreciated my time to myself. Before I knew it, it was time to go pick Ezra up again. But the wonderful thing about co-op days is that as soon as you get home, it's nap time! So, Ezra is sleeping soundly and I'm enjoying the silence as I type and look out my window at the darkening sky. It's going to rain. I love the rain more than I love Diet Coke. Which is a whole lot.

(BTW- I did not cave yesterday and drink a soda. Although, Megan's comment on my last post almost sent me over the edge. 'Just one! It's a treat! I deserve it!' All very true, but instead I opted to eat a bowl of Raisin Bran. It just wasn't the same.)

Would you like to see the goods that I got today as I wandered from store to store? Okay!

First, here are Ezra's thrift finds:

And no, Ezra is neither Italian nor Texan, and come to think of it, he isn't a Summit Eagle, either. But he sure does look cute in cheap clothes that claim he is! Also, how cute is that little plaid vest I found? And that purple collared shirt? He's going to look, like, OMG, soooo mini-Urb! ("mini-Urb"= Urban Outfitter's fashion, only pint sized.)

Next, momma's new goodies:

The super cute tank dress was only $4.99 at Ross. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to shop anywhere else. That bag I found there too- just the bag I've been hunting for for the past couple of months. I'm smitten with it. The big, gaudy elastic belt is from Goodwill. It's going to look awesome paired with some of my dresses and my brown suede boots this Fall. Wee haw!

So, all in all, it's been a great day. Tonight, we're going to a dear friend's birthday bash/BBQ, where I will eat too much and probably acquire 300 more mosquito bites on my legs.

Did you know that the mosquito is the official State Bird of Oklahoma?

What's that? You say it's NOT the state bird?



piper of love said...

isn't it amazing how alone time can make things all better

it sure is...

maybe someday I'll get some ;)

Andrea June said...

Too cute! I can't wait to see a picture of Ezra in that awesome little vest :)

Anna Joy Photography said...

omgosh i looooove his little clothes!?!! I can't wait to have babies! Okay well I can but it will be a lot of fun when it does happen :D