August 7, 2007

The Day of the Nintendo.

Chris and Ezra were playing Ms. PacMan and an old school racing game last night.

It was bringing back so many memories... back to the days when the Sega Genesis and the original Nintendo were considered "high tech", and the neighborhood kids would flock to our house after school to play John Madden Sports games with my brothers.

These were my favorite games growing up (in no particular order):

This was always one of my favorites, but I remember we had to keep taking the game back and exchanging it because it was filled with so many glitches.

Bionic Commando!
This game was freakin' fantastic because you could swing from things like a robot monkey.

ToeJam and Earl!
I have no idea why I loved this game so much... from what I remember, you just had to walk around and find stuff. Woo woo!

Mickey Mousecapade!
I had a somewhat traumatic love/hate relationship with this game... I would get so frustrated at it that I would play with a pillow next to me that I could grab and scream into when I got frustrated. And I used to bite the pillow too. And maybe I threw the controller a few times. Or pounded on the game console. And I COULD NEVER STOP PLAYING because I just HAD TO BEAT IT. (Never did.)

I used to love to watch my brother Jared play this game, and I loved playing it myself too. I remember being there when he finally defeated Mother Brain... and I was so proud of him I think I remember telling my friends at school the next day. It was a BIG moment. hehe.

Mike Tyson's Punch Out!
This was a game that absorbed many hours of my young life, I'm sure.

My favorite part was building the track.

As far as computer games were concerned:

Maniac Mansion!
This was seriously the best game EVER made. I used to get soooo stressed when that the tentacle guy would come after me. Eeek!

Sam & Max
This game was really fun because you had to solve mysteries and figure things out like a detective. Games like that really caused me to geek out.

I also really liked the Sonic games and the Zelda games. If I HAD to pick a favorite of these games I've listed, it would probably be Maniac Mansion or Metroid. Or maybe Bionic Commando. Ahhh... times were much simpler then, weren't they?

Which games do YOU remember playing when you were a small fry? (if any?)


Em said...

Sonic the hed hog! We now have a nitendo wii and its superb!

Erik said...

Well, I still play my Nintindo. I love to play the Simpsons game. You have to go around spraypainting all of the purple stuff red.

Cheatwoods said...

mari bros allllllll the way!!
dued yiur son is nackie!

Misguided Mommy said...

this post makes me so mad because it reminds me that we can't find the cords to my nintendo. rob and i searched high and low while i was on bed rest and they are gone. all i wanted was to play my mario one two and three and my wheel of fortune. uggggg i miss my nintendo!

oh yeah also...i can't remember but i'm nosey and i'm gonna ask, have you told us yet the story of how chris proposed to you???/

piper of love said...


I just bought this Ms.Pacman/Galaga/Poll Position combo plug in the front of your TV thing. I got it for the boys, but I'm addicted. It's been fun showing Jackson that Mom does actually know how to play video games (just not any new ones). I'm suddenly cooler now.

dana said...

gosh i still play my nintendo and sega genesis regularly, and i have a dreamcast and i just bought an xbox yesterday!

i love/hate mickey mousecapade too!! it's that bloody crow that tries to kidnap minnie, or when minnie falls in pits or water that makes it so irritating. my favorite game for NES is definitely startropics. for sega it's probably sonic 3, or streets of rage 2.

misguided mommy, did you lose the RF switchbox or the AC adapter cords? if it's the switchbox, the NES can also be hooked up by a standard video (yellow) and audio (red) cord, which you can buy anywhere. if you lost the AC adapter, i think you might be able to buy a replacement (yes i am a nerd.)

Cam said...

Ummm...Atari. Circa 1984. That's what I remember fondly. Man, I feel totally out of touch! Sega came after I was already an old married woman.

Scott and Lorie said...

I was, am, and always will be a Tetris girl. We didn't have Nintendo, but I had the old school gameboy that weighed like 14 pounds. And I LOVED Mario Brothers on that.

and I echo Shannon, I want to hear your Chris story. I know you were high school sweet hearts, but that is so not enough info. Come on, make us PandP drop-outs swoon. =)

Alexandra said...

I so agree with you that Maniac Mansion is the best game ever. Even though I never even beat this Game.