July 2, 2007

Operation: Grow Hair! (an uppy-update)


and now!

Now we're gettin' somewhere! woo woo!

I've had such an urge to chop chop chop away at my hair again... restless feelings always make my scissor fingers itch. Looking back at how much progress I've made since beginning Operation: Grow Hair! has been quite motivating, however, and has staved off the drastic hair-cutter within.

(For now.)

Plus... I am only milimeters away from a legitimate PONYTAIL! I know, I know- you all just fell right off of your chairs, didn't you? ALERT THE MEDIA! Emery has almost reached the next phase in Operation: Grow Hair! It's the phase where she begins to shower less often because, hey! Ponytails cover a multitude of sins!


Misguided Mommy said...


Em said...

Dont cut it!! Looks great, your post sounds just like me, i went from long to short, short to long, long to short, short to well nearly long! Had my hair trimmed last week by a butcher! Usual hairdresser having a baby, how inconsiderate!

Ponytails are great for making hair look great even when filthy and of course i'd never let my hair get to that stage!

meg said...

sorry i just figured everyone knew Rescue Heroes are huge, I've had plenty of kids try to sneak those into my classroom in their pockets...it never works, I'm that smart!

I'm at the: "my hair is long, but not long enough where I want it to be and now it's getting hot and i want to chop it off, but if I can just wait 2 months the heat will be gone and I won't be upset that i cut it in the bathroom in a moment of weakness" stage.

it's lame, when you're your own hair stylist a moment of weakness can mean a chop, chop. Have Chris hid all the scissors. you can do it.

Kerry said...

It looks great! And agree with the ponytail thing....I can go several days without washing mine. I'm dying to chop mine off but keep telling myself to hold on. Fall is only a few months away!

Cam said...

Yay, you've come so far! Hang in there and don't cut it!

R-becca said...

I take nearly twice as less showers now that I can have ponytails and pigtails. Did you ever realize that they are both animal tail names? Strange...that just dawned on me.