July 3, 2007

Mana Toys from heaven.

You guys are in so much trouble.

You know how a few days ago I told you I'd won some Rescue Hero toys off of eBay? And I showed you the picture from the auction of the cute little action figure toys? I thought, "Oh! These are so LITTLE and cute! They will be great!"

cute wittle itty bitty rescue heroes! awww!

And then, yesterday, a TWENTY POUND BOX showed up on my doorstep. TWENTY. POUNDS.

Turns out, these Rescue Hero toys are about 5 feet tall EACH. You all are in trouble because none of you said, "Hey, Emery! I know those toys look all cute and everything, but really? Each Rescue Hero is approximately the size of a grown man. You're gonna need a lot of room."

Not one of you warned me! So, it's, um, your fault! Yeah!

Heh. I kid.

These toys are freakin' AWESOME and Ezra loves them like they are his own children. You guys should have seen the look on his face when we opened that box. It was like a million rainbows exploded from his eyes and he'd seen the very face of God. Should've snapped a picture.

And the toys couldn't have arrived on my doorstep at a better time, because Ezra is really sick and he's been going stir-crazy the last couple of days. As a matter of fact, only moments before the UPS guy rang my doorbell, Ezra was throwing a fit and demanding I put on his shoes and take him somewhere. But the little guy- his fever has been so high and he's been throwing up every now and again, and sooooo NO, I didn't think an 'outing' was the best idea at the time... What he needed was some gargantuan Rescue Hero toys to fall from the sky to keep him quietly entertained and happy until his bedtime. And that's what he got.

they don't look quite so little anymore, do they?

Also, he's been playing with that car garage toy I got him at Toys R' Us for HOURS everyday. This garage toy has taken priority over all other toys for over a week now... he's even lost interest in *GASP!* Thomas the Tank Engine! This also came at a very opportune time, because sometime last week I had to sneak into his room while he was napping and steal his wooden 'James the Red Engine' train and his corresponding tender because they had been recalled.

It seems that James had been painted in a nice, thick, yummy coat of LEAD. Ehggg.

For more info about that recall, click here.

The RC2 Corporation has promised to send us a new lead-free version of James, along with a FREE BONUS GIFT! It had better be good bonus gift, too, what with them selling my son a poisonous toy and all. If it's something totally lame, like a replacement wheel or something, then I'm going to send it back to them with a note that says "TRY AGAIN."


Misguided Mommy said...

okay i can't take any blame for this because, ummmm...I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THESE RESCUE HERO THINGIES ARE????? I'm all huh what, who?

Kerry said...

Wow. That's a lot of fun toys! My son would be in heaven too! Gonna have to check eBay out for Christmas toys this year.

Cam said...

What a perfect box of happy for him, and what perfect timing. :)

I'm the bad mom who, even though we have 5 of the dreaded killer lead-poisoned Thomas items...I'm not sending them back. If they actually offered to pay to have them shipped back, then I would do it, but they're expecting us to pay the shipping to them. Um...no. G likely comes into contact with more lead outside every day than will be in these trains. But still, it's unbelievable that they let that happen, isn't it?!

piper of love said...

I thought about warning you, but then I thought Ezra would love them, so good for him. My oldest son was all about Rescue Heroes, we have about 20 and the Rescue Hero Mountain and Ship and also lots of Rescue Hero vehicles. They are awesome, and probably about the same size as Ezra himself.

Flo Oakes said...

I don't understand how lead winds up in so many toys.
Most of the recalls are for kid stuff...it's crazy.

The rescue guys may be big, but they can't be as bad as big obnoxious brightly colored stuffed animals.
Those are the worst.

Em said...

That really is toy city! Dont really know what rescue heros are but i suspect over time i'll learn!