July 19, 2007

North Carolina. (Here I Come.)

Hello hello hi hi hello!

Have I told you that I'm going away for a week? WITH NO EZRA? It's true.

My mother is flying in tomorrow evening, and Chris and I leave for North Carolina early the next morning. (Flight leaves at 6:30AM. OUCH.) We will be leading worship at a Summer Camp out there and will be gone for seven days. My mom will be hanging out at our house here in Oklahoma to take care of Ezra. For SEVEN DAYS.

I feel very excited about this, but the second my thoughts stray to actually leaving my boy on the ground while Chris and I fly away in an airplane makes me feel sick to my stomach. The last time we left Ezra was when Chris and I went to Atlanta to lead worship over New Years at Passion. When we pulled out of the driveway of my parent's house to go to the airport, Ezra was in my mom's arms... crying his face off and looking confused. I swallowed a lump in my throat and tried not to lose it the whole car ride. It took a good two days of our trip to recover from that parting.

I know Ezra is going to be perfectly fine... probably way more fine than when he's with me... but I'm just going to miss him. He has been so pleasant and funny and sweet the last couple of weeks- it's probably the first time in the past two years that I haven't been itching for a little break, a getaway.

But, I know the time in NC will be so much easier and much more relaxing without an overheated toddler demanding my attention 24-7. I will get to meet some awesome high school kids and sing my heart out. I will get some alone time to write. I will get to eat camp food. Mmmmm.

I have no idea what the communications will be like once we get there. If I am able to send you updates (possibly through Morse Code?) I will do it. Just get to your nearest HAM radio and prepare for indefinite standby. Mmm kay?


And please, try not to feel too sorry for me.

PS. You know what I discovered at Target yesterday? They make mini wifebeater tank tops for kids! I have seen the light!

Although, yesterday, Ezra came into the office and had somehow managed to become TANGLED in his tank top straps. I almost peed from laughing so hard.


Scott and Lorie said...

Target is the mecca of undiscovered goodies. Those wifebeater tank tops are awesome.

We'll miss your words! Have a great vacation.

Flo Oakes said...

Cuuuuuute! They also have those packages of little camisole tanks for girls that are just PERFECT for layering....soo cute.

ps-North Carolina is beautiful! Have fun!

L.A. Daddy said...

Ouch. Seven days is a long time. But, you're right. If you're going to be busy with something else... it's the best thing. You can never be committed to one or the other that way.

We've been talking about our traveling once the new little one is born. We'll probably travel in two sets (her with one child, me with another) on two separate planes... just in case :)

Cheatwoods said...

I have yet toleave my kid overnight anywere! oh my gosh! i would love it so much, but be flipping out as well! have fun!!

Sissy said...

Ooohhh How wonderful!!! That is awesome that you were able to play for Passion in Atlanta last year!! WOW! I'm from Atlanta and was invovled in the Passion movement with Louie throughout end of highschool and college and it is an amazing movement of God!!

Anyways, have fun in NC!! I always loved youth camp!

Be safe! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Cam said...

Ooo, have fun! That sounds great and I think you'll have a great time once the separation sadness wears off a little.

We love those little wife-beaters! Wal-mart has them, too...in black & gray, as well as white!

Irene said...

we just got back from 4 days in Venice without the boys for the first time. I know that feeling sick in the stomach!
have a wonderful time!!!

R-becca said...

That kid wifebeater is the cutest thing ever. It even made me want kids - just to dress them. That's crazy.

Misguided Mommy said...

i have no idea what section you got those in but i'm convinced i need them...i'm worried that my child will look ike he is wearing a dress though..but its soooo dang cute i cant resist trying

sufferingsummer said...

Ok, So I'm sure you are having a good time and all but a week is too long! I'm missing me some Emery posts! Can't wait for you to return with words and photos:)

Eva said...

That's a big milestone! Good luck!