July 17, 2007

A Clear Mountain Lake.

Ever since Ezra recovered from his last bout of illness, he's been a completely different kid. He smiles and laughs ALL THE TIME, whereas before, cranky McCrankerton pretty much ruled the roost on a daily basis. He's suddenly sweet and snuggly, where he'd never been 'that kind of kid' before.

Even as an infant he was more prone to contemplative blank stares and furrowed brows. You know, ALL SERIOUS ABOUT THE BUSINESS OF BEING A BABY and whatnot. It still shocks me when I get around really happy babies. (like our precious neighbor in the pictures below.) Ezra has never been a smiley, laughy kid. It doesn't mean he's not a happy kid, it just means he shows his love and affection in different ways. Like when he would graciously allow me to sit next to him on the couch. (As long as no part of my body was touching HIS COUCH CUSHION, of course.) Turns me into goo just thinking about it.


He is suddenly interested in talking more, and has actually been attempting to repeat words back to me when I ask him to. Before, when I'd ask him to try and say something, he'd look right through me and refuse to make eye contact with me. This was, um, mammothly slightly infuriating frustrating. But now it seems he's figured out that words actually do stuff! Like help him communicate his needs! His very complex needs like JUICE and CAR and TeeDEE! (TV)

I'm so excited to see him blossoming like this. It has seriously been like I've felt all this pressure and weight lifting off of me the last few days... weight that I didn't even know was there.

He waves. He giggles. He wants me to snuggle with him until he falls asleep at naptime.

And I'm falling in love all over again.

When Ezra was born, I was downright shocked (and terrified) to discover that this whole motherhood thing hadn't instantly released the magical 'floodgates of love' inside of me.

Over the past two years I have been pleasantly surprised, however, to discover that this motherly love has been less like a violent tidal wave, and more like a clear mountain lake... one that I can dive into over

and over

and over again.


Brittany said...

Callaway hasn't been an affectionate baby either. He smiles and laughs sometimes, but for the most part, he's pretty serious. He's never been cuddly, even as a newborn. So it will be interesting to see what he's like in the toddler years.

I'm glad you get to experience this side of Ezra. Even if it lasts only a short while (but I'll cross my fingers for you).

Cheatwoods said...

in that firsrt pic he looks JUST like u! georgeous! good job talking dued!

Anna Joy Photography said...

you make me so so so very excited to be a mom someday

Kerry said...

My 1st was the same way. He's a little over 2 now and has turned into a smiley, talkative, cuddly boy. I agree, it is such a great feeling to see this! My 2nd is the happy baby, always smiling, cuddly. I'm enjoying this baby stage soooo much w/ him.

Tiff said...

When Jack was first born he loved to be held and cuddled and then when he hit about 5 months he stopped liking it and ever since then hates it if I try to snuggle with him! Maybe when he gets older he will enjoy it again :-) Ezra is absolutely adorable; I’m so happy your enjoying this stage of Ezra’s life! YAY for happy smiling boys!

Mommy & Nehemiah said...

Is that baby wearing a cloth diaper...sorry i tend to notice these things now

Cristina Mathers said...

ellie's birth didn't open the flood gates for me either, but watching her grow over the last almost 2 years sure has. it's amazing and wonderful to fall so deeply in love with your kiddo each and eveyday...even when you want to sell them to they gyspies. (that's mathers code for "you're drivin' me nuts!)