April 7, 2007

My Battle

My Battle

I come from sagebrush backyards and
stunning mountain views.
Grown under the watchful eyes of good brothers
and selfless parents.
I've found refuge on rooftops and met God on trampolines at dusk...
Raised in the shelter of
a fierce determination for a better life;
The sound of generational cycles screeching to a halt.

I was raised with the freedom to choose my own way.
I tumbled in gyms,
cheered from sidelines,
won elections,
sported crowns-
Living the life!
Yet, alone.
Retreating behind doors double bolted from the inside.

I come from I love you's and No,no! It's over's.
I come from I love you's! and Wait, Let's just be friends!
I fought hard for him
then he counter-attacked:
white flags finally raised as we both cried "I do."

I have a history of trying to please the 'head honchos'.
A history of stuffing my worth into their hands.
But with the cries of this 6 lb. life changer,
I think I'm finally begining to understand...

This battle's already been won.

Happy Easter, everybody.


Megan said...

Beautiful, Emery!

If you do one thing for every single person who reads your blog and everyday comes back for more, it's that you make them think.

You do that for me.

Misguided Mommy said...

some day you should tell us the story of you and chris...the long version

Cheatwoods said...

YEAH! I love it!

Scott and Lorie said...

You dreamed of being a writer...I think the dream has become a reality!

Anonymous said...

I love you Em.. you inspire me...and i miss your face.


stina said...

that lil thing you wrote means a lot to me today. well, this week. it helps with what i'm going through...yay.