March 2, 2007

The Land of Green Hills.

All of us are safe and sound here in San Luis Obispo- the roadtrip being rather uneventful besides that random upchuck Ezra so graciously saved for that McDonald's seat in Arizona. Ezra (once again) proved to be a more patient and less-obnoxious traveler than his mom: he vegged and watched movies and I counted minutes and mile markers in my head the whole way here until I felt myself slipping into madness not much unlike that of 'A Beautiful Mind'. The trip was completed in two days- each day we drove about 12 hours. That means we started driving at around 11:00 AM and didn't stop until 11:00 PM. Wow. Chris drove every inch of the way. And, yes, I did offer to drive, but it was usually a half-hearted offer that came just moments after we'd pulled out of the gas station and were back at cruising speed.

Sneaky, no?

Everyone knows that once a man reaches cruising speed on a roadtrip, it requires much more than a half-hearted offer of 'taking over the wheel' to convince him to slow again. It requires something more along the lines of the Armageddon, really. Luckily for me, Chris enjoys driving, while I (on the other hand) enjoy eating Pringles and Sour Gummi Worms while watching 'Monsters, Inc.' in the back seat of the car. What can I say? We were made for one another.

Oh, sidenote: I'm SICK AGAIN. Fever. Aches. Nausea. Stuffy Face. I'm so over this. Also: Ezra's right eye has been running green goo all day and was swollen halfway shut this evening before I put him down for bed after the rehearsal dinner. I just know it's going to be gooped shut in the morning (hey! just in time for all those amazing wedding pictures tomorrow!) and with eyelashes like his, it may be WEEKS, MONTHS! before we can untangle the mess again.

Other than that, all is well. I would post pictures, but I forgot my cable to download them to the laptop. That, and I also have not taken any pictures yet. hehe.

My friends here are amazing and there is no one like them in the whole universe. It's good and healing to be around their love.

Tomorrow's agenda:
-wake up
-shower (perhaps?)
-go to wedding
-boogie like there ain't no tomorrow.
-boogie some more
-then, much more boogieness.
-finally, sleep like rock. snore like bear.


Cam said...

Congrats on a mostly uneventful trip.
I hope the trip back goes even more smoothly.
Feel better, and I hope you boogied all night Sat. night!

Scott and Lorie said...

I was in SLO this weekend for a photo session and some birthday shopping, and as stalkerish as it seems I kept thinking to myself "Cameron is getting married today and my online friend Emery is some where here and I can't even meet her" Yeah I know. I'm weird. And a tad creepy.

Cheatwoods said...

you didnt put puke on the adgenda!!