January 13, 2007

Emery Bored.

"Ice Storm 2007!!" (DUN DUN DUUUHHH)

Yes, the news team has been busy... just look at that stunning graphic! Complete with icy wind sound effects!

It wouldn't be so annoying if they didn't insist on inserting this graphic (complete with sound effects) every 30 seconds or so in their broadcast. Every half minute, the weatherman looks directly into the camera with the intense, worried look in his eyes and says, "Ice Storm 2007!" Then, you guessed it: Cue 30 second graphic loop. It's like watching the news and a day time soap opera all in one.

So far it hasn't been terrible, but the roads are definitely non-driver-friendly at the moment. This isn't the kind of 'icy roads' I'm used to from growing up in the foothills of Tahoe, either. This is more like one big, giant ice skating rink- only, for cars! We ran out of fruit this morning and contemplated WALKING to the grocery store. (Ok, Chris contemplated it. I only gawked at him while he made the suggestion.) The only way I can see this being a somewhat sensible idea is if we owned a pair of ice skates. Seriously.

Ezra is napping soundly and Chris is also asleep out on the couch. I finally got the heater to work, so I'm beginning to warm up now.

If it hasn't become painfully obvious to you yet, I'M BORED.

I had this surge of creativity this morning, and I got the idea to pull Ezra's room together by creating a theme and deciding on a dominant color for his room. Right now it seems all clashy and crazy in there to me. Since I don't have the ability to go get the materials I would need for my great ideas, I'll just tell you all about them instead.

Proposed Theme: ROBOTS
Proposed Dominant Color: DARK BROWN (cuz its my favorite color)
Proposed Accent Color: BABY BLUE.

I'm going to glue together some cute felt robots and then attach them to dark brown material for drapes in his room.
Then, I'm going to glue similar robots onto various sized canvases and hang them on the walls. (I'll probably paint some backgrounds on the canvas first... city buildings and stuff.)
Next, I'm going to replace the red and white floral curtains on his closet with more of the dark brown material. (to match the window seat.)

So, um, yeah... I'm bored.


Cheatwoods said...

i wanna be board!!

Momar said...

Robot pillows for the window seat ?

Emery Jo said...

oooh... momar... i like the way you think!! hehe.