January 27, 2007

All I Want for Christmas is His Two Front Teeth.

I'm feeling a little uneasy.

I took ezzie to the dentist the other day, and in between his massive kicky fits, the Dentist was able to take a brief gander at his chipped front teeth. The decay is now so close to the nerve that the right tooth was almost unsalvageable. His other front tooth is just beginning to chip. She said it looks like Ezra's teeth just didn't calcify enough while he was in the womb, and that would explain why there were brown spots on his teeth when they first grew in.

A few months ago, one of those spots chipped off. The other tooth is doing the same.

Soooo the dentist says she needs to put two resin crowns on those damaged teeth. They couldn't just pull them because he won't get his big boy teeth until he's 7 or 8, and if there's a big gap where his front teeth should be, then his next set of teeth will grow in all crooked and Austin-Powers-ish. (yugg)

In order to do this, they have to put Ezra under General Anesthesia. That's where the uneasy feelings come in... At first I was like, oh- that's totally fine it will be easier on everyone and it will be much less traumatizing for him this way rather than strapping him down to a board and having him breathe laughing gas or something. This way he won't remember a thing and will gently wake up in my arms. This way he won't have terrible memories of the dentist and refuse to go ever again.

But the closer it gets, the more butterflies I find in my tummy. The good thing is that they will be able to do all of this at the actual dentist's office where there are games and cartoons and puzzles and it feels really fun and comfortable. Normally, we would have to take him to a HOSPITAL to have this work done, but my lovely dentist's office actually brings in an anesthesiologist once a month so that it's less stressful on the kids and their families.

I know I will feel so much better when this is all done and my son will have whole teeth again, but the 'unknown' is outweighing all the positives at the moment. We go in on Thursday at 9:30 AM and Ezra isn't allowed to eat or drink anything (ANYTHING) before his appointment.

Is there a fast forward button on this thing?


Brandon's Mommy said...

Okay the blog sounded pretty bad, BUT THEN I got to the part about no eating or drinking and I could feel your pain. I'm so sorry for what you will have to go through those few hours before you get there. Serious I would rather burn myself with an iron then have to explain to my son why he can't have his milk as he is ripping the hair out of my head and kicking me in the face. May the force be with you Emery!

hope and jo jo's mom said...

that really sucks but just like any other aweful day it will pass and at least its not like 1 in the afternoon when he goes in. Im sure everything will be just fine and Ill say a special prayer.

Cam said...

Ah, poor mama. I hope they fix them up really good and that he comes through it just fine.

Cheatwoods said...

hes in my prayers, he well do fine, he well have his mommy to love him and take care of him afterawards! Things in our life are goign to happen no matter what but if we have someone to love us thru then it makes life ok!!

Scott and Lorie said...

So I guess the fact that I have to take my dog to the doggie dentist on Thursday pales in comparison huh? I'm not crazy, well, not too much. My pup's teeth didn't calcify in the womb either and if I want her to have teeth in 5 years I have to get her teeth cleaned every year. So I hope your laughing at me distracted you for at least a second from what's coming this week. I'll be praying for you, hang in there!