November 8, 2006


Every so often, there comes a new commercial that makes me laugh so hard I cry every time it airs. The latest commercial is this one for the Dodge Nitro.

Unfortunatley, it airs most often late at night, when Chris is sleeping soundly next to me in the bed and I'm watching my "shows". (Translation: back-to-back re-runs of 'Fraiser'.) Everytime it comes on, I start laughing so hard I have to leap out of bed and leave the room so I don't wake Chris up.

And, NO, we don't have Tivo. Or cable. Or satelite. (This explains the Fraiser re-runs...)

I found this clip on YouTube.


Brandon's Mommy said...

So...we do have Tivo which means that everytime this commercial airs my husband can push rewind over and over and over and over. He loooooves this commercial. I personally like the one where the guy throws his sprint phone at his friend and calls it theft deterant. i'm giggling thinking about it now

Mama_to_Briar&Avery said...

My band loves this too, starts cracking up before I am even able to figure out which commercial it is- he's an advertising guy so he'll shout for me when I am cooking and I'll drop everything thinking it's one of our girls, but instead it's the latest Chuck Schwab cartoony ad...thanks for the note about my babies! Yours has your eyes- precious!