November 10, 2006

In a Nutshell.

#1. Ten Things I Want To Do Before I Die :

1. See a Broadway Show.
2. Learn to play the piano.
3. Write a Book.
4. Own a BIG bathtub.
5. See my husband's wildest dreams come true.
6. Learn to Cook. (and enjoy it)
7. Record an album.
8. Write a Children's Book.
9. Learn to Smile at passing strangers.
10. Own a coffee shop.

#2. I Want To Create a Family that Is...

...fearless in love and life. FULL, no...overflowing with joy and laughter, hope and peace, love and communication.
A family outside of the box.
A home with doors flung WIDE OPEN like a big warm hug on a chilly day.
Hearts grounded in gratefulness and sharp with awareness.
Eyes that see the others around us- unafraid of eye contact and BOLD smiles between strangers.
A family without rugs. No rugs to sweep things under. (Completely RUG-LESS! ...RUG-FREE! ...DOWN WITH RUGS! ... Etc.)
A family that navigates without a detailed map and a well-thought-out plan.
Messy, but ALIVE.
Uncharted, but always GUIDED.
For better or worse.
lather. rinse. repeat.


R. Loesch said...

Not to my surprise, we have a lot of similiar top 10s. I have some ideas for childrens book that I think you'd love...I just need an illustrator (or co-writer, or both!). Wink, wink.

Cheatwoods said...

whats awsome about that list is that you can do all of them!!

Momish said...

I can relate to a lot of your top ten. My father was a playwrite so I have seen many a Broadway show, otherwise it too would be the first on my list! And a coffee shop, now that is just heaven in my opinion!

Erin said...

Great list for the family you want to create. I love it. Just wanted to say Thanks for posting it, as it is inspiring to me.

hope you don't mind that I followed your link from blogher.

Chase said...

Well, hello, fellow Okie! Thanks for stopping by! :)

MoMar said...

A list is always good...Just do it (them...)


Totally agree! FEARLESSNESS is the most important lesson, I feel. And NO RUGS HERE EITHER!

You rock.