October 7, 2006

Nightmarish Tacos

I was making tacos tonight, and I accidentally left one of the tortillas on the skillet too long when I was warming them up. I pulled it out of the skillet with my handy tongs, and when I flipped the tortilla over onto my cutting board, I was greeted by this image:

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not used to being 'spooked' by corn tortillas, so I may have squealed like a sissy a little bit.

And backed away from the counter.

When Chris saw the spine-chilling tortilla, he suggested we take pictures of it and send them in to the local news station.

"Saturdays are usually slow news nights.", he mused.

I guf-awed and told him he was silly.

But then I remembered that a few nights ago, we were watching the local Oklahoma news, and they'd reported on a woman who claimed to have found the image of Jesus on a potato chip or a hairball or something like that, so I decided that if that freaky old lady could hog up precious air-time, then why the heck can't I?!

I sent my photo to News Channel 4.

Because, "When in Rome..."


Mommy & Nehemiah said...

Yeah you make tacos with CORN tortillas!!!

Mo-Mar said...

You make tacos with corn tortillas? That looks suspiciously flour to me but very appropriate for Halloween in either case.

Cheatwoods said...

I think that looks like corn as well, but flour is better!! Scarry!!