August 9, 2006

The Miracle on 19th Street

We've done it. After 18 months of trying, (and many bribery attempts), we've finally done it. We've finally convinced Uncle Joel to change Ezra's diaper.

In what turned out to be the most recorded event of the evening, Joel proved himself to be an able-bodied diaper changer, much to the surprise of all the guests present. Perhaps most surprised by the sudden change of heart were his loving parents, Ted and Claudia, who had joined us all the way from Brazil for our little dinner party.

Last night, Joel's mom cooked up the MOST DELICIOUS Brazilian Feijoada feast, and the leftovers are in my refrigerator. This makes me the luckiest human being on the planet.

Congratulations on your first diaper change ever, Joel! Here's to many, many more! mwah ha ha!

1 comment:

Cheatwoods said...

sweet, good job Joel. So my ? is dose Ezra always make that face now??