August 10, 2006

I need a Hobby.

Today was a great day. And not because Ezra behaved like an angel all day (he didn't), or because the weather cooled off finally (it did no such thing), but for an entirely different reason all together.

Today, I found these at my local thrift store:

Buzz was a whoppin' 99 CENTS, and Kermit was even LESS THAN THAT. Can you believe that?! I've been wanting to get Ezra a Buzz Lightyear toy for a long time, but they are always so dang expensive. I'd rather spend my money on diapers and cheese puffs than on expensive Disney crap. But today, as I perused the isles of the thrift store, I saw Buzz lying face-down on the grimy tile, and my heart leaped into my throat. I swooped down and grabbed him and slowly turned him over. I went to push the buttons on Buzz's chest to see if he worked, and the world seemed to be in slow motion.

"To infinity, and BEYOND!", he hollered.

"He works!" I gasped. Then Ezra started gasping too. I all but ran up to the counter to pay for him before anyone else could snatch him from my kung-foo grip. On my way up to the register, I spotted Kermit out of the corner of my eye. I had this exact same Kermit doll when I was growing up. He's from 1976 and he's in great condition. So I snagged him too. I was probably all flushed and out of breath as the lady rang me up, but I don't care. All this for under two bucks?? That's what I call THRILLING. The highlight of my week, even!

(Someone needs a hobby...)

Ezra loves Buzz, although they seem to have a very tumultuous relationship. Ezra will push Buzz violently to the floor, then quickly jab him in the eyes, and finish off with a heel kick to Buzz's helmet. Immediately afterwards, he will scoop him up in his arms and give him a tender *kiss kiss* on the lips before starting the process all over again. This reminds me too much of the emotional ups and downs of my old highschool relationships, so I tell Ezra to be gentle with Buzz because he is just a fragile, blossoming flower, and Buzz's heart is not to be toyed with. His high-pressured space wings are OK to be toyed with, but not his heart.

Today was 108 degrees again- making this something like the 35th consecutive day in Oklahoma City where the temperature was above 100 degrees. Yarf-o-rama. Now-a-days, I would gladly welcome a tornado with open arms. It would be like a huge circulating fan whooshing through here- bringing gusts of cool, refreshing air and possibly some flying cattle. And, believe it or not, if I had to choose between FLYING CATTLE and one more day of this ridiculous heat, I would take the air-cows in a heartbeat.

So, needless to say, we've been spending a great deal of time indoors lately. I pass the time by plucking my eyebrows or playing trains with Ezra... and also by taking pictures of Ezra doing cute stuff. So, here's the story of 'When Ezra met Buzz' :

How do you do, Buzz? I'm Ezra!

Double Eye-jab!!

Allow me to help you up...

Hi-yah!! Heel kick to the throat!!

Don't cry, I still love you.

I'll teach you how to fly, Space-Boy! Take that!

*tender kisses*

Buzz? Buzz?? Are you alright? Buzz!!? Answer meeee!!

(Quickly flees the crime scene)

I obviously have waaaaaay too much time on my hands. Anyone want to teach me how to knit or something?


Anne said...

Thanks for the laugh. These pictures are great and I love how you caught the whole thing on camera! Come visit and I can teach you how to knit. It's only been in the 80's here...isn't that tempting? I love you...try to stay cool, and don't go wishing for tornados you silly girl!

Cheatwoods said...

Oh Emery, words dont describe the love I have for the Clarks!!

R. Loesch said...

This is the funniest entry yet. I absolutely love it. I'd totally take air-cows over that heat too! I wish I could blog about my life and not get fired...

Cameron Ingalls said...

Amazing! proud of your new purchases and love the sequence. you are becoming quite the photographer! one of these days we are going to have to step up your camera a bit to compensate for that budding skill you've got there. i knosw what to do about the heat..... COME HOME!
it's 58 degrees right now in the mid of the night with that nice coastal fog covering 'the ranch' with a cool misty sprinkle. you know you were made fot this weather.