July 31, 2006

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a special little boy who lived in a far away magical land known only as "Oklahoma City". It was a land of excessive heat and loud bugs, but it was home sweet home to this special little boy and he loved it dearly.

This little boy was named Ezra, and he had wonderful powers that could melt mommy's hearts and make daddy's chests swell with pride. He could also put most of his finger up his little nostril without even flinching.

One day, Ezra and his mommy decided to go to an enchanting establishment called the "Full Circle Bookstore." This store was one of mommy's favorite places in the whole magical land of Oklahoma City because it had walls and walls of magnificent books. The shelves that held them all stretched all the way up into the sky and past the clouds. These books held the secrets of the world within their covers. Reading each book was like traveling to another land and meeting wonderful new people. Also, there was a train set there.

Ezra and mommy got into their trusty blue chariot and whisked away towards this glorious store of books. Ezra spoke of graham crackers and doggies as mommy maneuvered the chariot through the peaceful streets. They were on a mission, and nothing was going to get in their way. They watched the scenery whisk by them as the store came closer and closer. Music from the chariot's stereo filled the air, and sunlight flooded through the windows. They were almost there!

Mommy pulled the chariot into the clearing in front of the "Full Circle Bookstore" and nimbly leapt out. She went around to the other side where Ezra was strapped into his "chariot throne" and flung open the chariot door to retrieve him. But, Oh No! What's this? Little Ezra had fallen fast asleep on the journey and showed no signs of waking! Mommy didn't know what to do! She decided that sleep was more important than train sets and magical books of wonder, so she quietly crept back into the chariot to maneuver her way back home where Ezra could nap peacefully for hours upon hours. She turned off the music and made a comfortable pillow for Ezra to rest his head upon in his chariot throne.

When they got back to their home, mommy made every effort to turn off the chariot quietly and not disturb the sleeping little boy in the backseat. She tip-toed over to him and gently, (oh so gently!) unstrapped him from his throne. She tenderly lifted little Ezra from the chariot and quietly prayed that he would not wake up. He didn't stir. He was hanging limply over her shoulder as she began walking slowly towards the house.

But then, out of nowhere, an Icky Neighbor Goblin spotted Ezra and his mommy.

She yelled loudly, "Hey!", from the distance two lawns away.

Mommy pretended not to hear her. Icky Neighbor Goblins like to wake up sleeping babies, and mommy didn't want her to wake Ezra. Not today. He needed his sleep.

"Hey! Lady! Lady!!" The Icky neighbor Goblin hollered, louder still.

Mommy turned in her direction, hoping she would see that her little boy was asleep on her shoulder and that she could not holler back without disturbing him.

"You missin' a dog??" The Goblin shouted.

Mommy shook her head 'no'.

"Huh?!", yelled Icky Neighbor Goblin. "What?"

Mommy said "No." As quietly as she could.

"Huh?!" "What?!"

"No!" yelped mommy angrily.

The sound of mommy's voice woke Ezra up from his deep slumber and he started to cry. He was grumpier than the grumpiest Grump, and he cried and cried and cried and wailed. He would not go back to sleep.

Icky Neighbor Goblin shrugged and walked back into her cave.

And they all lived happily ever after...

(Except for mommy and the extremely cantankerous little Ezra.)

The End.


Joel said...

:) loved the story friend. i think i'll have a few words with that goblin. show him who's the boss of him.

Cheatwoods said...

great story, but very icky neighbor!!!!